Use of cookies on website

This privacy statement explains how we uses the electronic footprints you leave when you visit our websites. The statement also provides information how to accept the use of cookies, how to revoke your acceptance of cookies, how to refuse cookies, and what to do to prevent your browser from using cookies at all.

We use cookies on our websites. A cookie is a small text file used by many websites to track repeated visits by users. As an inactive file, a cookie cannot spread virus or other harmful programs.

Cookies cannot be used to identify you personally.


We use cookie information only for ordinary operations and for the compilation of statistics that can be used for purposes such as improving our websites and adjusting user experience to your needs. We do not use data from cookies to obtain personal information about you, and no information is passed on or sold to third parties.

Accept the use of cookies, revoke your acceptance of cookies, or refuse cookies

The first time you visit one of our websites, you will see a a message regarding the use of cookies. You automatically accept the use of cookies by proceeding from the initial page. We will set a cookie on your computer to remember your acceptance. This cookie makes sure that we do not need to notify you at your next visit.

If you wish to refuse cookies, simply click the ”refuse cookies” option. We will, however, set a cookie to remember your choice, and no cookies will be used at your next visit.

If you do not want to use cookies, you need not do anything – we will not set any cookies until you have given us your acceptance. In this case, the message will remain visible on all pages, thus making it possible for you to accept the use of cookies at any time.

If you wish to revoke your acceptance or cancel your refusal of cookies, you must delete the cookies stored on your computer. At your next visit, you will again be able to accept or refuse the use of cookies.

If you wish to totally avoid cookies, you must disable cookies in your browser. However, disabling cookies will make it impossible for you to log on or use other functions requiring that the individual websites can remember your choices.