Danske Bank is firmly anchored in the Nordic region and has more than 20,000 employees serving in excess of 3.3 million customers.

With approximately 200 dedicated investment professionals and additional resources in operations, compliance and legal, etc., Danske Bank Asset Management serves clients in the Nordics and around the world. We are headquartered in Denmark, but also operate from offices in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Over the years, we have developed a broad range of best-in-class strategies and products encompassing equities, bonds, balanced portfolios, alternative investments and ESG. Quality and stability are core values for us when we manage our customers' investments, and we believe in the value of a close relationship with each individual customer. Regardless of the scope and complexity of our customers' investment requirements, we can find the right solution - together.

Quality and stability are core values for us when we manage our client’s assets, and we firmly believe in the value of having a close relationship with every customer. No matter the scale or complexity of the client’s investment requirements, together we will find the right solution.

At Danske Bank Asset Management we focus strongly on our areas of expertise, where we are best equipped to create value for our clients – particularly balanced mandates, alternatives, responsible investments and single strategies within Nordic and European equities and bonds. In areas outside our core competences, we collaborate with talented external managers where we believe this can create value, and we offer both active and passive asset management strategies. We are convinced that, ultimately, this will ensure our clients the highest risk-adjusted return.

Risk management is at the core of everything we do and we have spent more than a decade on developing an in-house risk model that, as far as possible, utilises empirical data in order to avoid many of the simplified assumptions, which are normally a part of standard risk models.

We aim to be a market leader in responsible investments and see it as our duty to create both competitive and responsible returns, which is why responsibility is an important part of our investment process.