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Sustainable Investments

When our clients entrust us with their assets and savings, it is our duty to serve their interests by providing investment solutions with the goal to deliver competitive and long-term performance.

Our firm commitment to sustainable investment is an integral part of that duty, where we integrate ESG factors (environmental, social, governance) into the core of our investment processes, products, and advisory. We call it ‘ESG Inside’ and it is about making better-informed investment decisions, addressing issues of risk, problems, and dilemmas, and influencing portfolio companies through active dialogue in order to contribute to a positive outcome.

Integrating ESG in the investment processes

Portfolio managers integrate ESG factors alongside financial factors in the investment processes in a systematic and structured way to analyse, assess and identify all material factors that are relevant to portfolio companies. Portfolio managers get a holistic understanding of the quality of portfolio companies and how they manage material risks and opportunities, which enables them to make better-informed investment decisions. To support our investment teams we have a Nordic in-house ESG team, which provides subject-matter expertise, training, data and tools.

Active ownership through dialogue and voting

As investors, we believe we can make a difference by using our ability and power to influence companies through active ownership. We believe the responsible approach is to address challenging issues, risks, or problems in order to contribute to a positive development rather than divesting from portfolio companies and hoping that others will solve issues.

We believe that a fund-manager-driven dialogue with portfolio companies is the most effective as the investment teams are the experts of their respective strategies and portfolios. Our investment teams engage on a regular basis with portfolio companies on material ESG matters to understand their risks and opportunities, and to support their growth and development.

Screening and restrictions

We offer screening against a wide range of criteria and thresholds to provide products and solutions that meet our clients’ diverse set of values and preferences. Additionally, we apply investment restrictions on controversial weapons, coal and tar sands based on Danske Bank Group’s sustainability positions.

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Disclosure and reporting

Semi-annually, we publish a report on our active ownership efforts and disclosure how we vote at the general meetings of companies whose shares are held in actively managed funds, and where we have significant holdings. We are continuously strengthening our processes for integrating ESG matters into our investment decisions, and ongoing we will increase transparency about our approach, progress, and results.

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