As part of Danske Bank Asset Management’s commitment to supporting the green transition and to protecting and growing our customers’ investments, we have decided to tighten our current investment restrictions on thermal coal and tar sands and have introduced a new restriction on peat-fired power generation.

Hence, we have implemented stricter investment restriction criteria on thermal coal and tar sands by lowering our threshold from 30% to 5% of revenue. In addition, we will not invest in companies deriving more than 5% of their revenue from peat-fired power generation. Furthermore, we refrain from investing in companies expanding thermal coal mining, coal-fired power generation and peat-fired power generation. These enhanced restrictions are part of our commitment to phasing out investments in companies involved in the three fossil fuel types by 2030 in the EU and OECD and by 2040 in the rest of the world, in line with the requirements of the Paris Agreement.