Antti Malava, Head of Sustainability Insights and Analytics at Danske Bank, has been selected as board member for Finsif, the Finnish division of the Sustainable Investment Forums (SIFs). This means that Danske Bank is the only organisation represented on three out of the four Nordic SIF boards – in Finland, Denmark and Sweden.

“We aim to actively participate in the development of the responsible investment area in the Nordics, not only through the products and services that we offer, but also by engaging with the industry. Being on the SIF boards provides a unique platform for networking, knowledge-sharing and influence," says Erik Eliasson, Head of Responsible Investment at Danske Bank.

About the Sustainable Investment Forums (SIFs)
SIFs are present in most European markets. The forum works to promote a broader adoption of sustainable and responsible investment practices, and more generally for a broader adoption of sustainability matters into financial markets and the investment chain.

The organisations are key players within the financial sector, with a majority of Nordic banks, asset managers, pension managers and investment consultants as members. 

Our SIF board memberships
Dansif: Mads Steinmüller
Finsif: Antti Malava
Swesif: Susanne Bolin Gärtner (Chair)

Board memberships ensure influence
As a board member, Danske Bank has a strong influence on industry activities related to responsible investments, which include events and debates, surveys, self-regulation standards and taking on an expert position on the agenda. Examples of this include the establishment of the Danish ESG Award in collaboration with the CFA Society Denmark (Finansforeningen), as well as the development of “Hållbarhetsprofilen" (“Sustainability Profile”) in Sweden.

Antti Malava's ambition is to use the new board membership in Finsif to focus on the need to leverage data in responsible investments:

“I was selected for the Finsif board with an emphasis on my critical, systemic view on sustainability data. With the new sustainable finance disclosure regulation upon us, there is a large and growing amount of sustainability information on investment products. The Nordic Sustainable Investment Forums play an important role in providing regulatory clarity and discussing data-based dilemmas to ensure that investors see the disclosure as something that can actually help realise their sustainable investment objectives," says Antti Malava, Head of Sustainability Insights and Analytics at Danske Bank.