Some 63 funds across Denmark, Luxembourg and Finland have been certified with an ESG label from LuxFLAG – a stamp of approval for Danske Invest’s many years of work with responsible investments. This was the second year in a row that Danske Invest funds qualified for the certification.

“One of Europe’s leading research houses has performed an external validation of our processes and funds and decided that we could again be awarded their ESG label. Naturally, we are very proud,” says Robert Mikkelstrup, CEO of Danske Invest.

He adds that working with responsible investments is an ongoing process and that Danske Invest will continue to strive to be one of the leading Nordic suppliers of responsible funds.

“We constantly work on developing relevant and sought after investment products that have a strong focus on sustainability,” he says.

One of the oldest ESG certifications in Europe
The LuxFLAG ESG label is one of the oldest certifications of its kind in Europe. The certification has extensive requirements including that responsibility is an integrated aspect of the investment process, that active ownership is practised via dialogue and voting at AGMs on sustainability issues and that investment restrictions are applied.

Around 95 Nordic, European and global asset managers have the label. You can see a full overview of who has the LuxFlag label here and read more about LuxFlag’s ESG certification here.

LuxFLAG’s label lasts for one year at a time, so certification applications have to be made annually. This year, funds had to be either article 8 or article 9 funds in accordance with the EU’s rules on the area (SFDR regulation).


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