Europe stands at a crossroad where nationalism, fiscal policy and market dynamics have challenged the environment for investors. In the search to uncover the impact and thoughts behind the above, Danske Banks European Summit 2019 invited top tier speakers will take our customers through their views and facilitate relevant discussions to enlighten us all on the future of the European area.

At the event, Mr. Morten Løkkegaard (MEP) took the stage to give his inside view on the threats that European Union is facing, and how it’s future might look in times of rising populism and extremist groups potentially winning seats in the European Parliament.


Morten Løkkegaard has served as member of the European Parliament since 2009 and currently holds multiple roles as spokesperson and member of various committees at the European Parliament. Through Mr. Løkkegaard’s engagements with the parliament, he has obtained a broad insight into the dynamics, challenges and movements within the European Union. Prior to Mr. Løkkegaard’s political career, he served as a journalist for more than two decades. Mr. Løkkegaard held the position as host and editor of numerous popular TV-shows, including host for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s News Show.

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