Using active ownership to increase focus on sustainability

Our new publication Active Ownership Stories documents the progress of our active ownership activities. It shows examples of how our investment teams influence companies through dialogue to address business-critical sustainability matters.

Why are our investment teams engaging with companies through dialogue, how are they voting at general meetings, and what is the outcome of these activities?

In the new publication Active Ownership Stories, portfolio managers share examples of their specific company engagements, the dialogue focus, the interaction with company management, and the expected outcome.

The active ownership stories show how portfolio managers discuss matters such as climate, dividend pay-outs, or remuneration within different sectors. The stories provide a narrative to accompany the active ownership data and analytics presented in Danske Bank’s Active Ownership Report 2019, which is also available now.

Both reports support our ambition to be transparent about the approach to sustainable investment with ‘ESG Inside’.


What is ‘ESG Inside’?

‘ESG Inside’ is all about bringing sustainability inside our investments. We integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our investment processes across strategies and asset classes. We engage with companies on material matters to contribute to change and improvement. ‘ESG Inside’ our products also adheres to our overall investment restrictions for controversial weapons, tar sands, thermal coal, and tobacco.

“There is a movement among professional investors, shareholders and customers putting spotlight on climate issues. As part of that movement, I can help promote the discussions on the low-carbon transition from an investor perspective and influence companies to utilise the climate agenda as an accelerator for creating long-term sustainable growth.”
Anders Grønning, Portfolio Manager

Creating value for companies, customers and society

The data and the engagement examples in the publications illustrate how Danske Bank’s investment teams’ focus on active ownership is maturing as well as how the importance of sustainability matters increase, as they can impact company performance, and thereby the potential return to Danske Bank’s customers.

Active ownership is one of the building blocks in Danske Bank’s sustainable investment strategy called ‘ESG Inside’. It is an effort to create value for our customers, the companies we invest in, and the societies we are part of. Portfolio managers engage with companies on so called material ESG topics, with the goal of supporting company growth and value creation by seeking to influence developments, challenge positions and encourage improvements.

Most frequently discussed sustainability topics in 2019


Download the active ownership publications

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Active Ownership Stories

Active Ownership Report 2019

“Companies that fully integrate sustainability into their businesses can to a greater extent use it as a business enabler and be better positioned than competitors to create growth and development. Smaller companies typically have a more focused business model and are more agile than larger companies, which enables them to adjust products and services faster or launch new ones that live up to the rising sustainability requirements from governments as well as the growing demand from consumers for green.”
Joel Backesten, Portfolio Manager

This material has been prepared for information purposes only. It does not constitute investment advice. You should always be aware that historical return and forecasts on future developments are not a reliable indicator of future return, which can be negative. Always consult with professional advisors on legal, tax, financial and other matters that may be relevant to determining the suitability and appropriateness of an investment.

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