Sustainability and sustainable investments was high on the agenda of this year’s edition of Danske Bank’s annual conference, New York Summit. Among the keynote speakers on this topic was Mr. Michael Green, CEO of the Social Progress Imperative, and the quote above belongs to him.

With the Social Progress Imperative Michael Green and his teams dig into global data to create a measurement of how the world, and each nation individually, are performing in terms of social progress. At the summit he presented a string of these findings, and in the video below you can see an interview with him recorded at the New York Summit where he also reveals when we will reach the goals, and what role investors can play in that.


Michael Green is an economist by training and the co-author of “Philanthrocapitalism: How Giving Can Save the World and The Road from Ruin: A New Capitalism for a Big Society.” Previously, Michael served as a senior official in the U.K. Government’s Department for International Development, where he managed British aid programs to Russia and Ukraine and headed the communications department.

His TED Talks have been viewed more than two million times, and his 2014 TED Talk was chosen by the TED organization as one of the ‘most powerful ideas’ of 2014. In 2016, he was named one of “The 100 Most Connected Men in Britain” by GQ Magazine and one of the NonProfit Times’s “Power & Influence Top 50.”

For more on Michael Green, watch his TED Talk from 2018, “The global goals we have made progress on an the ones we haven’t”

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