A Nobel Prize winner, a chief economist, a member of the European Parliament and a former foreign and defence minister from one of the EU’s largest countries were all on the stage at the European Summit to give their views on what the future holds for Europe.

The European Summit is an annual conference for institutional investors with participants and speakers from the Nordic area and the rest of Europe.

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Common to the points made by all three speakers was that Europe finds itself in a situation where growing nationalism, market dynamics, security policies and fiscal events make the future less predictable than we are used to in Europe. Against this backdrop, they each presented their perspective on where Europe is headed and what is needed to ensure a strong Europe going forward.

“Our hope is that we can give our customers new perspectives and insight that can help them in their investment decisions,” says Lars Tranberg Rasmussen, conference moderator and senior portfolio manager at Danske Bank Asset Management.

The list of speakers included:

Dr. Bengt Holmström, professor at MIT and Nobel Prize winner in economics

Dr. Holger Schmieding, chief economist at Berenberg

Radek Sikorski, former defence and foreign minister in Poland

Morten Løkkegaard, member of the European Parliament

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