We have been servicing institutional clients globally for almost a century. And we carry that experience with us when managing assets today. No matter the size of your organisation, we will provide the tailor-made solution that matches your particular interests and needs.

  • Pension & Insurance

    We have a long experience servicing and managing capital for pension funds and insurance companies. We acknowledge that not only is securing the future of others a complex challenge. It also comes with a huge responsibility.

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  • Foundations & Endowments

    For many years we have been servicing Foundations & Endowments. We understand the responsibility of servicing a greater cause, and we recognise the importance of being able to match your assets to your goals.

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  • Family Offices

    For years we have offered our services for Family Offices globally. We acknowledge that being the trusted advisor of one or more families comes with a heavy responsibility and that the level of investment resources varies.

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  • Public

    As a leading asset manager in the Nordics we have a long track record of managing assets for public entities.

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  • Consultants

    We have years of experience servicing consultants globally, and through close cooperation providing the service needed for our shared institutional and corporate clients.

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  • Corporates

    We have a long experience of providing corporates with investment solutions and supporting the process of investing excess liquidity.

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  • Sovereign Wealth & Central Banks

    For years we have offered targeted investment solutions within equities and local fixed income in collaboration with consultants for central banks or sovereign wealth funds. 

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  • Unions

    For years we have provided top solutions for local unions, and we recognise the challenges of combining high liquidity demands, low yield environment and the need for return generation.

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