We have a long and proven track record in managing balanced mandates for institutional clients, and this has enabled us to develop a high-quality investment process that ensures best-in-class asset allocation.

Depending on the individual customer’s wishes and requirements, we offer two overall categories of portfolio solutions:

  • In our absolute mandates we define a risk framework for the customer’s investments based on the customer’s requirements for risk and return – and seek to deliver the highest possible return within this risk framework.
  • In our relative (to benchmark) mandates the customer chooses a benchmark for their investments – and we seek to deliver an excess return relative to this benchmark.

Both categories of portfolio solutions are based on the same systematic investment process, where the aim is to create value for customers via a combination of strategic and tactical asset allocation. Moreover, our portfolios combine investment components with active or passive management, depending on a detailed assessment of where active managers can create an excess return.

Our underlying philosophy is that if you have risk under control, you also have control of your long-term return. Hence, precise risk management is another key element of our portfolio solutions. And here our portfolio managers work closely with our team of risk analysts to ensure we have robust portfolios with the best possible risk diversification – using our own advanced, in-house risk model, which we have developed over a period of more than 10 years.