European Equities

Danske Bank Asset Management has three actively managed strategies within European equities, each with its own team of portfolio managers. The three portfolio teams are part of our large Global and European equity team, where a broad exchange of knowledge, experience and investment ideas is facilitated between sector specialists and portfolio managers.

European Alpha

European Alpha consists of a portfolio of 50-70 European companies, with the relatively large portfolio contributing to keeping risk at a sensible level. An important part of the investment decision is to understand the risk characteristics of the stocks in question and their contribution to the portfolio’s overall risk. The portfolio team follows a fundamental bottom-up strategy.

European High Dividend

European High Dividend invests in European companies with a combination of high dividend yields, high profitability and low stock valuation. The portfolio typically consists of around 35 companies, and the goal is to deliver a higher and more stable return than the equity market in general. The portfolio team follows a fundamental bottom-up strategy that focuses on companies with solid business models and competent management.

European Small Cap

European Small Cap focuses on European SMEs with a market value of less than EUR 5bn at the time of investment. The portfolio team follows a fundamental bottom-up strategy for the portfolio, which consists of 35-45 companies, and quality is essential when the portfolio team selects companies.

Asset Management

Nordic Bonds

Nordic Fixed Income is one of our major strengths at Danske Bank Asset Management, where we have a broad portfolio of strategies actively managed by portfolio teams with a local presence in each of the Nordic countries.

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Asset Management

Global Bonds

Danske Bank Asset Management’s actively managed Global Inflation Linked Bond strategy offers protection against inflation.

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Emerging Market Bonds

Danske Bank Asset Management’s actively managed Emerging Markets Debt Hard Currency strategy invests mainly in government bonds, though the strategy also includes corporate bonds that are primarily issued by government-owned companies (quasi-sovereigns).

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