Sustainable investments

Sustainable investing is all about making sound and responsible investments. Hence, we both analyse companies’ accounts and ability to earn money as well as analysing investments in accordance with so-called ESG criteria, which stands for environmental, social and governance. This provides us with greater insight into the companies and countries we invest in, which in turn allows us to better select the investments with the most potential.

Sustainability is a natural part of your investments

We call our approach ‘ESG Inside’ to underline that the environment, social factors and corporate governance are core elements when you invest with us. We incorporate ESG factors into our investment processes and products and when we advise you on investments. This approach aims to help you get the most out of your investments and to ensure investments are based on a sustainable foundation.





Funds that work actively and systematically
with sustainability as a cornerstone
of the investment process.


Funds that opt out of certain investments
based on specific criteria, such as
alcohol or gambling.


Funds that invest and work in accordance with sustainability themes, such as the climate or the UN’s global
development goals.

A+ rating

Our work with sustainable investments has been awarded the highest rating, A+, by the UN-supported network PRI – Principles for Responsible Investment.

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ESG analysis tool

Our unique analysis tool provides an overview of a company’s risks and opportunities within ESG.

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Active ownership

We are in dialogue with companies to influence them in a sustainable direction and to contribute to their positive development.

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