Danish banks are required to identify and register whether a customer is tax resident (that is, fully tax liable) in a country/countries other than Denmark. Please therefore inform us of the country or countries in which you are tax resident. We also need your tax identification number (TIN).You could also check „Where to find TINs?“ guide from European Commision

A person is generally tax resident in the country in which he or she lives or spends more than 183 days per 12-month period. In some countries, a person may be considered to be tax resident even though the person is stationed in another country – for example if the person maintains a home or has his or her family in the country. You may be liable to pay tax in the US, for example, because you were born there, have US citizenship or have a work permit there (known as a Green Card).

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If you in the above mentioned have not had the opportunity to inform us of your TIN number, we can use a copy of a document stating your name, date of birth, and your town and country of birth, for example your passport. Finally, we need documentation of the address stated at the beginning of the form, this documentation may be a utility bill e.g. in relation to gas, electricity, water, heating, broadband, cable TV, lease agreement, rent receipt, insurance bill relating to housing, acceptance letter from an educational institution if you address is specified. Finally, you can also attach a copy of an account statement from another bank
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