Impact Investing

How you invest today, impacts the world of tomorrow. By investing in impact funds, you support a sustainable development without compromising the opportunity for a financial return.

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Water and Climate

The funds invest in water and climate, and are both managed by one of the leading asset managers within the field of resource investing, Impax Asset Management.


Parvest Aqua

Through the aqua fund, you invest in companies  developing solutions that will help secure water supply around the world. This is an area with financial growth potential that also help secure and improve water quality around the world. 

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Parvest Climate Impact 

Through the climate impact fund, you invest in companies which develop solutions that support a sustainable development for the environment. It an area with long-termed growth potential that also supports a green transition. 

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Learn more about the funds and their environmental impact

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When investing in the impact funds you will get

Investments in companies developing sustainable solutions

Stock-picked companies who all receive a substantial part of their revenue from activities supporting a sustainable development – while also having the promising growth prospects.

Analysis of companies’ ESG performance

Stock-picked companies who are assessed carefully in regards to how they handle environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities (ESG).


A team of experts with financial and technical knowhow

A portfolio management team with a skill set comprising both technical insight into sustainable solutions and financial know-how, which together enables them to decode technology, trends and regulations within climate, water etc.


  • What is an impact fund?

    An impact fund is a fund that - like any other investment fund - is committed to creating a financial return for its investors.

    However, contrary to a regular investment fund or a screened fund, an impact fund is devoted to investing in companies who develop solutions that make a positive impact on social and environmental challenges.

    Impact funds also look at how companies perform with regard to managing their business from a long-term perspective taking sustainability and corporate responsibility into consideration. Portfolio managers analyse how companies work with risks and opportunities related to environmental, social and governance factors – also known as ESG.

  • What is ESG?
    ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance.  

    “E” stands for environment and the standards that ensure the companies invested in follow the prescribed rules and regulations as well as take relevant steps to minimise their impact on the surrounding environment and the climate. 

    “S” or social, defines the relationship the companies have with employees, suppliers, customers and  local communities. This aim to ensure that workers are treated fairly and that there is a positive relationship with the local communities where the company is located.  

    “G” sets out the criteria for good governance at the companies and includes standards for investor relations, transparency, executive pay, and the existence of internal audits.  
  • What are the UN sustainable development goals
  • Who manages the two impact funds, Danske Bank offers?
    The impact funds Danske Bank offers are managed by Impax Asset Management - a London based company that has specialised in sustainable investments since 1998. 

    Impax has 20 years experience in this field, and is recognized for it’s skillset, which combines people with environmental consulting backgrounds and classic investment backgrounds

    In 2014 Impax received the highest honour for businesses in the UK – the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – in the category “sustainable development”, while in 2017 they won the Wealth & Finance International- Alternative Investment Awards – Best Natural Resources Investment Manager.
  • Is impact investing relevant for me?
    Impact investing can be relevant for you if you are looking beyond the potential for a financial return. We recommend that you contact your advisor to determine if this type of investment fits your individual risk profile.
  • Is there a binding period?
    You can sell your investments at market price at any time.
  • How can I follow the funds performance?

    You can follow the performance of your investment via your online bank and through the annual statements, we provide. You are also able to track their current performance here:

    Parvest Aqua

    Parvest Climate

  • How much does the two impact funds cost?
    The impact funds we offer costs more to invest in than a conventional fund or a fund that screens away companies not complying to international principles. The cost level reflects:

    Investment in a niche market
    Investing in water, climate and the environment is a niche area that requires specialist knowledge and insight 

    Investment in smaller companies 
    The funds invest in small and middle sized companies. Investing in smaller companies often requires additional research work to identify the most attractive investment opportunities, as smaller companies are not monitored and researched by equity market analysts to the same extent as larger companies. The fund manager, Impax, undertakes a thorough research process and has a close dialogue with these smaller companies,  enabling it to identify and stock-pick the best among those developing specialised technologies and services within the environmental area. 

    Highly experienced manager within resource and impact investing
    The fund manager, Impax, has 20 years of experience within resource and impact investment. They are recognized for their skillset, which combines  people with environmental consulting backgrounds and classic investment backgrounds.

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Learn more about Danske Bank’s work with responsible investments 

When you entrust us at Danske Bank with your savings, it is important that we give you a return that is both a competitive and sustainable. You can read more about how we work with responsible investments and ESG in our other investments products.
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