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Here are some of the topics that make us curious:

UI: Customer experience of user interface

The request for user-friendly designs are constantly developing and are essential in designing a successful interface. Making the costumer journey feel natural is not an easy task.

Advanced analytics to explore customer interaction dynamics

Digital Banking is changing and we need to stay tangible

How will digital banking stay tangible? How can economic become more palpable and visual in a digital world, where coins and banknotes are on its way out?

Using latest technology to build a cashless society

Using machine learning to predict future trends in customer behaviour.

We want to make use of the amount of data we receive, to identify costumer patterns, characteristics and behaviour. On behalf on this knowledge, it may be possible to predict future trends in costumer behaviour.

Social media data in analytical models for stock market prediction

Machine learning algorithms to prevent fraud

The fraudsters are fast to adopt new approaches to commit fraud. It is therefore relevant to look into unsupervised models for anomaly detection in relation to detection of fraudulent transactions.

Using data and algorithms to make investment proposals at the right time

“My First Bank” – Create banking solutions to the young segment

There is a big undiscovered marked within young people and their preferences in a bank. How should we talk to them? How should we design to them? Mainly, what is the core value in young people's banking needs?

VR and AR to enhance experiences for customers and employees

IoT: Creating connected devices which has relevance to the costumer

Identifying and experimenting with connected devices. These devices, such as cars or kitchen tables, can include sensors, visualisation of data etc. Evaluate if the product is attractive and relevant.

Blockchain as enabler for transferable credit scores

Blockchain technology: Challenges within safe transfer

The possibilities within Blockchain technology are limitless regarding sharing personal documents, gift cards and ‘smart cash’, but how is the transfer done in a trustworthy way while remaining the individuals’ rights?

Peer-to-Peer lending with Blockchain backbone

How to maintain/win the interface with users beyond PSD2

Dive into competitor analysis and implementation directions or potential resolutions for solving the problem: how to maintain/win the interface with users beyond PSD2.

Dynamically launching products using AI

Please challenge us

Accumulating these ideas, it is one way of seeing the future. We know we might not have the right picture, so please challenge us on it!

Please challenge us


Current Projects

  • A Consistent Pricing Model for Swaptions and Forward Volatility Contracts on Swaptions

    A Consistent Pricing Model for Swaptions and Forward Volatility Contracts on Swaptions

    In the financial markets many different types of contracts are traded in order to control the risks of a portfolio. One of the most traded financial product is the swaption. A risk associated with a swaption, is the so called volatility risk. A tool for hedging this risk is the forward volatility contract, which allows an investor to lock in the forward volatility embedded in the shape of the volatility surface observed today. The objective of this thesis, is to construct a mathematical model, which is able to price these forward volatility contracts consistent with the pricing of vanilla swaptions.

    Student: Asbjørn Snitkjær Meinhardt
    Education: Mathematics - Economics 

  • Discovering statistics of family formation using survival analysis

    Discovering statistics of family formation using survival analysis

    Given available transaction data and tables of family relations I seek to detect when people met based on co-spending. By use of survival analysis I will then explore statistics between family formation events like moving in together, marriage and getting children. Lastly I will describe the change in spending patterns which occur throughout the different stages of family formation.

    Student: Jeppe Skals
    Education: Mathematics - Economics 

  • Data Driven User Experience

    Data Driven User Experience

    The goal of this project is to create a way for Danske Bank employees, to gain insight in customer behaviour, and get a better understanding of how they experience the use of Danske Bank’s applications and services. To accomplish this, user interactions in the form of general inputs and mouse movements, are gathered as information. From this information patterns can be detected and recognised as general use. This knowledge can then be used improve the customer experience. Either when we make design choices to an application, or by reactively enhancing the experience by making helpful on the spot suggestions.

    Students: Asbjørn T. Gyring and Jonas Buus
    Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology 

  • Modelling the financial markets using regime switching models

    Modelling the financial markets using regime switching models

    The financial markets often seem to move between periods of different behaviour, also called regimes. A classic example is periods of low volatility and periods of high volatility. Attempting to model  such a market without incorporating the possibility of a regime switch can lead to a model that does not give a clear view of the markets behaviour. The purpose of my thesis is to investigate the class of regimes switching models known as Hidden Markov models and their capability of modelling the financial markets for practical purposes.

    Student: Bo Sørensen
    Education: Mathematics - Economics  
  • Working with UX in agile IT development

    Working with UX in agile IT development

    UX and agile are two popular concepts within IT development these years. In order to better understand the intersection between the two disciplines and how they work in practice, the thesis will look into how the processes, activities and organization of user experience (UX) design compare to those of agile IT development discussing differences and similarities and how these influence development processes in practice. Could understanding of these possible challenges and opportunities compliment current UX design processes?

    Student: Lena Buhl
    Education: Information Science

  • Offline payments

    Offline payments

    We aim to develop a system that allows third parties to integrate with MobilePay, by exposing an open interface. Through this integration, third party systems can implement their own payment solution. Prioritizing the properties they find important - be it offline connectivity, easy authentication or some other feature. MobilePay would simply put, handle the transaction while leaving the customer interface to the integrators.  To demonstrate this open interface, we would like to create a system focusing on offline payments.

    Students: Jonas Junker Zarling, Mikkel Kastrup and Peter Runge Christensen
    Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology
  • Predict Customer Behavior

    Predict Customer Behavior

    The purpose of this project is to try and predict, what information would be relevant to show to the customer in different Danske Bank applications. Feeding user data to a machine learning algorithm, we hope to recognise a behavioural pattern, and thereby create a more personal application experience.

    Students: Tobias Kjær Henriksen, Mikkel Bitsch Overgaard and Flemming Lundahl
    Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

Ready to research?

To get a spot in the Talent Box, please send the following to talentbox@danskebank.dk:

- Max. one page describing your project idea
- A brief description of you and your interests
- If available, links to previous projects or websites


If you have any questions regarding the setup, feel free to contact us

Q & A

  • Who can apply?

    Talented students writing their bachelor thesis, master thesis or PhD with an interest in IT, challenges related to financial issues, innovation of financial products with a technological twist or the combination of finance and technology, also called FinTech. We primarily look for students with a background within Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics, but students from e.g. IT & Communication, Business, Information Science, IT & Product Development, Business Development Engineering and similar are welcome to apply.

    Our research areas have an outset in the financial technological industry. We are a Development Centre and have some of the most prominent developers in Aarhus. You should therefore be passionate about IT and research.

  • What is in it for you?

    You will be part of an innovative environment with experts from a leading FinTech company in Denmark. You will have the possibility to influence the future of digital banking. Furthermore, you will develop a strong network within Danske Bank - an organisation with more than 19,000 employees. Talent Box is a unique chance to combine theory and practice. Talent Box will facilitate your innovative research with an outset in the financial technology area. We will support your work to ensure you get the relevant and valuable data for your project combined with knowledge from experienced employees.

    Whether you dream of a career in Danske Bank after your thesis or want to create a start-up to realise the discovered potential in your thesis, we will be actively supportive.

  • What is in it for Danske Bank?

    We need you to be with us to ensure an environment with an ever-increasing pace of development, especially within the world of IT. We want to be provoked. We want to be disrupted from the inside by you – otherwise someone else will do it. We want to include academic ways of approaching problems. We want to help you take the next steps into a great Danske Bank employment, realise a start-up dream or into a great career in a different company. So basically we want to get inspired by recent research, be inspired of new ways of working, attacking problems with hypotheses not yet tested and a chance to constantly get the next generation inside to provoke, inspire and disrupt Danske Bank’s ways of thinking and doing.

  • Will I get a mentor and what can I expect from the Talent Box?

    Yes, you will get an internal 'supporter'. The supporter will be an expert within the area you work with. The supporter will be your contact person and will help you establish further contact within Danske Bank. Furthermore, your supporter will be available for sparring and discussions about your project, ideas and findings.

    Before you start, you and your supporter will agree on how much time the two of you will spend together.


  • How do I apply?