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We open our doors to talented students who want to explore and influence the future technology within banking. At Danske Banks Development Centre Aarhus, we have a strong knowledge and expertise environment with some of the most prominent professionals in Denmark.

Inspire the future in digital banking

Be inspired, challenge us and explore how technology can shape Danske Bank. 

Here are some of the topics that make us curious:

UI: Customer experience of user interface

The request for user-friendly designs are constantly developing and are essential in designing a successful interface. Making the costumer journey feel natural is not an easy task.

Advanced analytics to explore customer interaction dynamics

Digital Banking is changing and we need to stay tangible

How will digital banking stay tangible? How can economic become more palpable and visual in a digital world, where coins and banknotes are on its way out?

Using latest technology to build a cashless society

Using machine learning to predict future trends in customer behaviour.

We want to make use of the amount of data we receive, to identify costumer patterns, characteristics and behaviour. On behalf on this knowledge, it may be possible to predict future trends in costumer behaviour.

Social media data in analytical models for stock market prediction

Machine learning algorithms to prevent fraud

The fraudsters are fast to adopt new approaches to commit fraud. It is therefore relevant to look into unsupervised models for anomaly detection in relation to detection of fraudulent transactions.

Using data and algorithms to make investment proposals at the right time

“My First Bank” – Create banking solutions to the young segment

There is a big undiscovered marked within young people and their preferences in a bank. How should we talk to them? How should we design to them? Mainly, what is the core value in young people's banking needs?

VR and AR to enhance experiences for customers and employees

IoT: Creating connected devices which has relevance to the costumer

Identifying and experimenting with connected devices. These devices, such as cars or kitchen tables, can include sensors, visualisation of data etc. Evaluate if the product is attractive and relevant.

Blockchain as enabler for transferable credit scores

Blockchain technology: Challenges within safe transfer

The possibilities within Blockchain technology are limitless regarding sharing personal documents, gift cards and ‘smart cash’, but how is the transfer done in a trustworthy way while remaining the individuals’ rights?

Peer-to-Peer lending with Blockchain backbone

How to maintain/win the interface with users beyond PSD2

Dive into competitor analysis and implementation directions or potential resolutions for solving the problem: how to maintain/win the interface with users beyond PSD2.

Dynamically launching products using AI

Please challenge us

Accumulating these ideas, it is one way of seeing the future. We know we might not have the right picture, so please challenge us on it!

Please challenge us


Current projects

  • How the Banking Industry Can Leverage from Cooperating with FinTechs to Strengthen Their Digital Transformation

    How the Banking Industry Can Leverage from Cooperating with FinTechs to Strengthen Their Digital Transformation

    The financial service sector is facing a massive change undergoing a digital transformation due to external factors such as an increased demand of customers and changing regulations - e.g. PSD2, increased focus on security, new technology driven innovations, and a heightened competition also with the emergence of FinTechs. This is indeed the case for Danske Bank, where digital transformations is becoming more and more vital to ensure their survival in a digital world. Our focus in this thesis will be on how banks can cooperate with these FinTechs proactively in response to the external factors to strengthen their own position in the digital transformation.

    Student: Nina Madsen & Kaja Skjerbek Hemmeløff Andersen
    Education: Information Technology

  • Scale Development for Evaluating Innovation Capabilities on Team Level

    Scale Development for Evaluating Innovation Capabilities on Team Level

    Based on innovation management theory the intention of the thesis is to develop a scale for measuring the innovative capabilities of teams. Through a mixed methods triangulation design the thesis aims at analysing different factors influencing team performance to determine which factors are the most important for team performance, in relation to innovation. If the thesis is succesful in describing the most important factors for building innovation capabilities it can aid the bank in developing high performance innovative teams.

    Student: Carsten Brinck
    Education: Innovation Management

  • Analysis and Forecasting of Finacial Time Series Using Machine Learning

    Analysis and Forecasting of Finacial Time Series Using Machine Learning

    Time series can be analysed and predicted using machine learning in a supervised learning framework. The time series of interest are price processes and historical trades obtained from the department of rates, options and inflation trading. The key object for us is to establish whether or not these price processes have a certain pattern after trading with certain customers.

    Student: Kirstine Liedecke
    Education: Mathematics Economics

  • Fraud Detection at MobilePay

    Fraud Detection at MobilePay

    Today it is free for private users to use Mobilepay and the transactions fees are paid by the businesses. Thus there is an incentive for small business owners to use their private Mobilepay account for business purposes and thus circumvent the fees. My thesis uses machine learning and transaction history of private users and businesses to find the fraudsters that use private accounts for business purposes.  Ideally, these individuals can then be converted into business accounts and pay transactions fees to Danske Bank.

    Student: Anders Damsgaard
    Education: Mathematics Economics

  • Proposal for a cross-Nordic blockchain collaboration

    Proposal for a cross-Nordic blockchain collaboration

    The Thesis will seek to explain the opportunities for a succesful cross-Nordic blockchain collaboration seen from a business perspective. This will be done by creating a business model containing possible suggestions on how responsibilities and roles in a Nordic cooperation should be distributed, in order to generate value for all partners. The findings will then be used to recommend a strategic proposal for MobilePay.

    Students: Mads Rohrdanz Jepsen & Nicolaj Solvang Christensen
    Education: Cand.Merc. International Business

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography

    Post-Quantum Cryptography

    Quantum computers would make it possible to solve previously unsolved computational problems. While they have great potential, they also represent a great security threat Already in the 90’s it was shown that they would make it possible to do prime factorization much faster than on normal computers. This would break modern cryptography.
    Therefore, I will be looking at how we can create digital signatures that are secure against quantum computers. 

    Student: Morten Zdrenka Christensen
    Education: Computer Science

  • Virtual Reality Telepresence Technology

    Virtual Reality Telepresence Technology

    The importance of productive and effective interaction with colleagues in remote locations is increasing with outsourcing and companies becoming more international in their daily operations. The 3D tool being developed is a new proposal for immersive interaction with colleagues in remote locations. It is a proof of concept of how mixed reality technologies can enhance the telepresence experience already being used in the bank.

    Student: Esteban Javier Struve Taguaruco
    Education: Computer Engineering

  • The Behavioral Economics of Saving and Investing on the June Platform

    The Behavioral Economics of Saving and Investing on the June Platform

    Younger people are notoriously bad at saving, let alone investing, their money. While the most common barriers to doing so involve lack of capital and knowledge about investing, many new financial products such as ETFs and index-funds have been established to make the process both easier and less capital intensive — Danske Bank’s new June investment platform requires as little as 100 DKK. With such products coming to the market, the main challenge is how to change the behavior of young people to start saving and investing their money in Danske Bank’s June, and what strategies Danske Bank can employ to onboard more young people.

    Student: Moma Vujisic
    Education: MSc. International Economic Consulting

  • BudgetBud


    We are developing an app that helps the user pay off loans and distribute expenses in a manner best suited for him/her. We utilize the user’s e-banking data to create a personalized budget. When the loans should be paid off, the amount the user wants to save each month and expense distribution are all control parameters granted by this app. In other words, we strive to grant the user financial control and stability.

    Students: Victor Busk & Andreas Lüdemann
    Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

  • MobilePay Interactive

    MobilePay Interactive

    AR is already a fast growing branch due to its positive perception on immersive interaction, which would definitely influence and change the marketing industry.

    The project "MobilePay Interactive" aims to build a framework module for developers and facilitate a different type of Augmented Reality environment setup. This would help create different marketing materials mainly aiming for merchant users. The combination between the AR interaction processes with MobilePay's capabilities of rapid transfers, can lead to another type of advertising embedded with a transaction mechanism.


    Students: Alexandru Diaconu & Nicolai Sand
    Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Information and Communication Technology

“Danske Bank has played an important role in my project, helping me identify a specific and relevant problem to work with. Sitting in a shared office space with other students from diverse faculties is very rewarding both academically and socially. Free lunch and coffee does not hurt the productivity either 👌"
Jørgen C. Heinsen, MA Computer Engineering
“The cool thing about Talent Box is that you have access to professional people around you who have experience in the field and that Danske Bank can provide large amounts of useful data to my project.”
Niclas Skødt Gleesborg, MA Computer Engineering
“Being part of the Talent Box is a fantastic experience – we worked with a wide range of talented people and Danske Bank provided us with all the necessary resources to make a great thesis.”
Lasse Legaard & Christian Lorentzen, IT Product Development
“Talent Box facilitates a professional and creative environment, where students from different academic backgrounds can learn and grow together, professionally and socially.”
Patrick Schacksen & Frederik Arve, Cand.Merc.Mark

Ready to research?

To get a spot in the Talent Box, please send the following to talentbox@danskebank.dk:

- Max. one page describing your project idea
- A brief description of you and your interests
- If available, links to previous projects or websites


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Q & A

  • Who can apply?

    Talented students writing their bachelor thesis, master thesis or PhD with an interest in IT, challenges related to financial issues, innovation of financial products with a technological twist or the combination of finance and technology, also called FinTech. We primarily look for students with a background within Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics, but students from e.g. IT & Communication, Business, Information Science, IT & Product Development, Business Development Engineering and similar are welcome to apply.

    Our research areas have an outset in the financial technological industry. We are a Development Centre and have some of the most prominent developers in Aarhus. You should therefore be passionate about IT and research.

  • What is in it for you?

    You will be part of an innovative environment with experts from a leading FinTech company in Denmark. You will have the possibility to influence the future of digital banking. Furthermore, you will develop a strong network within Danske Bank - an organisation with more than 19,000 employees. Talent Box is a unique chance to combine theory and practice. Talent Box will facilitate your innovative research with an outset in the financial technology area. We will support your work to ensure you get the relevant and valuable data for your project combined with knowledge from experienced employees.

    Whether you dream of a career in Danske Bank after your thesis or want to create a start-up to realise the discovered potential in your thesis, we will be actively supportive.

  • What is in it for Danske Bank?

    We need you to be with us to ensure an environment with an ever-increasing pace of development, especially within the world of IT. We want to be provoked. We want to be disrupted from the inside by you – otherwise someone else will do it. We want to include academic ways of approaching problems. We want to help you take the next steps into a great Danske Bank employment, realise a start-up dream or into a great career in a different company. So basically we want to get inspired by recent research, be inspired of new ways of working, attacking problems with hypotheses not yet tested and a chance to constantly get the next generation inside to provoke, inspire and disrupt Danske Bank’s ways of thinking and doing.

  • Will Danske Bank and Talent Box “own” my project?

    It is your project and you own it.


    Talent Box gives you the possibility to conduct your research in a setting, where you interact closely with people interested in cutting edge trends, technologies, methodologies and ways of working.

    It is your responsibility to ensure you live up to the academic requirements for your project. It is your and your educational supervisor’s responsibility to ensure your project fulfil the academic requirements. Talent Box will help you with network, data, sparring, domain knowledge and contacts.

    We are curious about the final project, and hope you want to present your findings to us. We look forward to become inspired.


  • Will I get a mentor and what can I expect from the Talent Box?

    Yes, you will get an internal 'supporter'. The supporter will be an expert within the area you work with. The supporter will be your contact person and will help you establish further contact within Danske Bank. Furthermore, your supporter will be available for sparring and discussions about your project, ideas and findings.

    Before you start, you and your supporter will agree on how much time the two of you will spend together.


  • How do I apply?