Please update your personal information

We need additional information from you as we are required by law to know our users in District. You can fill in the form and securely upload the required documentation below. View this form in Danish

If you require assistance or have any other related questions, please contact us here (+45) 45 14 83 24 (English speaking support). Support opening hours Monday-Thursday from 9am to 4pm (CET) and Friday from 9am – 3pm (CET).

Please be aware of a processing time of up to 48 hours before the update is registered in our systems.

Please attach a copy of your passport

If you only have a temporary or expired passport, please upload both a copy of your driver's license and your national identity card.

If you are a Norwegian citizen, please note that proof of your citizenship is required.

Accepted file formats are Pdf, Jpeg / jpg, Png or gif. Please note that the maximum file size is 4 MB.

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By submitting, I am informed that Danske Bank processes necessary information in order to comply with applicable AML regulations.

We will only share this information with third parties with your consent or if explicitly permitted by law. You may read more about how Danske Bank processes your data here.

Example of proof of identity picture

Q&A regarding the uploading of documentation

  • Why do I need to answer questions and/or provide proof of identity?

    The Anti-Money Laundering regulation requires us as a bank to be able to provide documentation to the authorities showing that we know the identities of the users in District. This is to help prevent fraudulent use of the financial system. 

    We understand that some users may feel inconvenienced when we ask for proof of identity and/or other information. However, just as the security checks at an airport ensure that all travelers can enjoy a safe flight, it is both necessary and in the best interests of us all that we meet the legal requirements for knowing our users. Please note that all information will be safely stored.

  • Does the bank have a legal right to ask questions and/or ask for proof of identity?
    All banks must assess what documentation they deem sufficient to enable them to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering regulation. This includes being able to provide documentation to the authorities showing that we know the identities of any District user.
  • What types of proof of identity do I need to upload copies of?

    The following instructions apply to you if you are aged 18 or older.

    Please note that:

    • Your proof of identity must be valid (i.e. not expired)
    • A selfie, portrait photo or similar is not a valid form of photo ID

    Which proof of identity do you need to upload copies of?

    • Your passport or
    • Driver’s license and your health insurance card

    If you do not have a valid passport or other type of photo ID
    If you do not have a passport, driver’s license or other valid photo ID, please contact Customer Service at (+45) 45 14 83 24 (English speaking support).

    Please see below for a list of types of valid proof of identity.

    Valid photo ID

    • Passport
    • Driver’s license issued by an EU, EEA or EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland) country or the Faroe Islands and Greenland

    Valid proof of identity without a photo

    • Health insurance card

    If you are living abroad, you must upload a proof of address.

    Documentation of your address abroad
    The documentation may not date back more than six months and must be written in Latin script. It is important that your full name and address is clearly stated in the document.  You can upload one of the following types of documents, for example:

    • An account statement from your local bank
    • A document from a public authority in your country of residence
    • A valid rental contract
    • A home utilities bill (electricity, water, heating, gas, broadband, cable TV or insurance)
    • A national ID card issued in your country of residence
  • Is it secure to upload files with my proof of identity via the Danske Bank website?

    Yes. You can securely upload your files via this website.

    We will only share this information with third parties with your specific consent or if explicitly stated in the law. Our websites provide secure connections that encrypt files and save them on Danske Bank’s secure systems in the same way as with all other confidential information. 

    You can read more on how we process personal data in Danske Bank A/S Privacy Notice.
  • What will happen if I do not submit the required information and documentation?
    The requested information is a prerequisite to gain or retain access to District. If the information is not provided, kindly be informed that we are obliged to deny your access to District.
    Please be aware of a processing time of up to 48 hours before the update is registered in our systems. We therefore encourage you to provide the data without delay.
  • How to upload documents
    • Take a photo of your proof of identity and proof of residential address, for example using your mobile phone camera or a scanner. Selfies cannot be used as photo ID.
    • Check that all information is included in the photo and is clearly legible
    • Save the file on a device (a computer or tablet for example), from which you can open this webpage
    • Fill in the personal data fields below
    • Click/tap Upload and follow the instructions
    • You can upload up to 10 files at a time
    • Click/tap Send when you have uploaded all your files

    Choose between the following file formats: PDF; jpeg/.jpg/.png or gif.
    The maximum size for each file is 4 MB. 
  • How to take a picture of your ID
    How to take a picture of your passport and documentation of your residential address 
    • Place your passport or documentation of residential address on a table or other flat surface.
    • For the passport picture, you only need to take a picture of the page that contains your photograph, name, etc.
    • For the documentation of you residential address (e.g. electricity, water, heating, broadband, cable TV or insurance bills related to your property), you only need to take a picture of the page with the relevant information.
    • Make sure there is enough light – but avoid any reflection.
    • Make sure that your picture includes all the information on the passport page.
  • How do I contact support?
  • Will I need to provide this information again?
    The requirements across countries are not exactly the same. Therefore, you can experience that we request additional information - this applies if you for example are an account mandate holder of Norwegian, German or Polish accounts.