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On this page, you can send us your identification documents or documentation related to your company. Just fill out the form below and upload the documents as your final step. If necessary, you can take photos of these documents with your phone. You can upload up to ten documents with a maximum capacity of 4 MB.

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Based on the information you have provided us with, we need the following documents from you (unless you have already provided us with the necessary documentation).

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You can attach your files by pressing the button below. You can attach up to ten files, and they have to be in the formats Word/docx/doc, Excel/xlsx/xls, Text/txt, Jpeg/jpg, Png or Gif. Be aware that a file can only be up to 4 MB, and that the file name can contain up to 24 units at the most, including spaces.
Press “Upload document” to look for your files. You can only choose one file at a time, and it can take a couple of seconds before the file is uploaded. Press “Send” when you have uploaded all your files.

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