Virtual session with former Bank of England Governor Mervyn King

Economic policies after COVID-19 – how to escape the next crisis. 
The global economy went into the COVID-19 crisis with an unprecedented level of debt, while the costs in terms of loss of GDP and human lives are very large. How will the crisis change the demand, output and the market economy? Will policymakers be successful in building a resilient and robust framework, which can deal with the next crisis? What role will monetary policy play in an era of large fiscal deficits and strongly rising public debt trajectories?
The session will be moderated by Thomas Harr, Global Head of FI&C Research, and Bo Bejstrup Christensen, Chief Portfolio Manager
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About the virtual session

Agenda for session:  (09.06.2020)

14.30-14.55: Presentation by Mervyn King

14:55-15:30: Interview and Q&A

You can send questions during the webinar and it will be recorded.
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