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Would you like to keep track of and manage Mastercard payments efficiently and quickly?
With Xpender, by Danske Bank you get a digital expense management solution that provides a complete overview and reduces the need for manual processing of receipts and paperwork. In short, Xpender provides simple administration of your business’s Mastercard payments on one platform that enables you to process the documentation quickly and easily. Managing your business’s expenses has never been easier.

What can Xpender by Danske Bank do for your business?
Xpender is a digital expense management solution that lets you view corporate card payments in real-time and provides an overview of card payments and expenses on one and the same platform.

  • Employees can quickly document the payments they have made. The employee receives a notification in the Xpender by Danske Bank app immediately after making a purchase with their card, and they can take a photo of the receipt and upload it instantly.
  • This means that you no longer need to spend a lot of time on managing expenses and collecting documentation. You can do it all with Xpender by Danske Bank because documentation can be uploaded immediately after a payment is made.
  • Xpender by Danske Bank automatically collects card payments and can be used for Mastercard cards with company liability. Day-to-day work should be as easy as possible with a minimum amount of administration.
  • You can use Xpender by Danske Bank as a web version or via District, and you can keep track of and approve payments in the mobile app when you’re on the move.
  • You can integrate Xpender by Danske Bank into your business’s financial management system to give you a better overview of expenses and finances.
  • Xpender by Danske Bank costs DKK 59 per month for each card registered for the solution.

 Overview of benefits:


  • Real-time overview of card transactions
  • Filtering of transactions, for example by department, project or cost centre
  • API-based solution that offers easy integration with and exporting of data to ERP systems
  • Option of exporting data to Excel and integrating it into other systems
  • Verification before a payment is transferred to your business’s ERP system
  • Chat function that enables instant communication between cardholders, administrators and approvers


  • Real-time overview of card transactions
  • Access to payments and card information in a mobile app
  • Notification immediately after making a purchase with your card so you can upload documentation instantly
  • Photos of receipts can be uploaded directly in the app, ensuring that documentation is always in place
  • Start and complete the approval flow in the app
  • Option in the app for transport allowance and personal expenses

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