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You are in the process of creating a new customer number. We require the following personal information about any new user before concluding this task. Please notice, this webform should only be used for new users without a CPR-number. If your purpose is to create an additional user for the same person, please contact your advisor and request the additional user. View this form in Danish

What you as an administrator need to do:

Please send the below information to the user you would like to add to the agreement:

You will receive the customer number in an email when the user has provided the required information. You can then proceed with creating the new user.

What you as a new user need to do:

Please fill in the form with the information provided by your administrator (see above), and your personal information and securely upload the required documentation.

If you require assistance or have any other related questions, please contact us here (+45) 45 14 83 24 (English speaking support). Support opening hours Monday-Thursday from 9am to 4pm (CET) and Friday from 9am – 3pm (CET).

Please be aware of a processing time of up to 48 hours before the update is registered in our systems.

Company details

 Enter valid Danish CVR-number or District agreement ID
 Enter only alphabetical characters
 Enter valid District user-ID
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 Enter valid District user-ID

User details

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 Enter only numbers & alphabetical characters
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Please attach a copy of your passport and proof of residential address:

Your passport together with proof of residential address are acceptable forms of ID.

If you only have a temporary or expired passport, please upload both a copy of your driver's license and your national identity card.

Proof of residential address
Acceptable forms of documentation:

  • An account statement from your local bank
  • A document from a public authority in your country of residence
  • A valid rental contract
  • Electricity, water, heating, broadband, cable TV or insurance bills related to your property.

Please make sure that the combination of IDs have a picture of you, full legal name, residential address, date of birth, ID number, issuing authority and an expiration date.

If you are a Norwegian citizen, please note that proof of your citizenship is required.

Accepted file formats are Pdf, Jpeg / jpg, Png or gif. Please note that the maximum file size is 4 MB.

File Size Exceeds the Limit
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By submitting, I am informed that Danske Bank processes necessary information in order to comply with applicable AML regulations.

We will only share this information with third parties with your consent or if explicitly permitted by law. You may read more about how Danske Bank processes your data here.

Examples of proof of identity and proof of residential address pictures

Q&A regarding the uploading of documentation