Climate plays a key role in investments

The climate agenda plays an important role when Danske Bank selects investments for customers. A new publication details how the Bank works with the green transition and influences companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

The financial industry plays an important role in transforming companies and societies in a green direction. At the same time, climate issues are increasingly having an impact on investments and opportunities for return. A new publication shows how Danske Bank’s investment teams take climate issues into account to protect and grow the value of customers’ investments. Based on that foundation, Danske Bank supports the green transition by influencing companies to reduce their carbon emissions and making societies more resilient and sustainable.

How Danske Bank works with climate issues and supports the green transition

Climate analytics: a key element in making sound investments

Our investment teams analyse how climate issues affect a company’s business when selecting investments for customers. Using this research, they can select companies that are addressing climate issues, are in the process of reducing their climate impact or who embrace green opportunities. A company’s ability to embrace the green transition is namely one of the factors that could determine its potential return in the future.

The publication includes example of how our investment teams assess the climate work being done by the paper industry, the energy and financial sectors, the copper and the car industry, and how they tap into the climate agenda.

Influencing companies to reduce their carbon footprint

As an investor, Danske Bank can influence companies in a green direction, which is why our investment teams are in direct dialogue with companies to encourage them to reduce their climate impact. The publication cites specific examples of how the teams are able to influence the oil industry, shipping and the transport sector and support their journey towards becoming more climate friendly.

Danske Bank also votes at companies’ general meetings as part of its climate efforts. For example, we have voted for proposals that urge companies to report on their work to reduce the climate impact of their supply chains or of forest-clearing activities, and for companies having to up their ambitions and use more sustainable and recyclable packaging for their products.

Excluding companies with harmful climate practices

As part of investing our customers’ assets in accordance with their values, Danske Bank excludes a number of companies whose revenue streams largely stem from activities related to thermal coal or tar sands. Similarly, we do not invest in companies that work to oppose the green transition or whose behaviour is harmful for the climate. You can see the full list of excluded companies here.

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