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Even though our focus is Nordic, our outlook is global and holistic. Read our insights on the economy, the market and the various business in which we operate. And get a glimpse into some of the things we base our solutions on. 

Article - 7. September 2021

Sustainability perspectives for European small caps

The Responsible Investments team and the portfolio managers in the European Small Cap team outline how they promote environmental and social characteristics and good governance through their investment process.

Article - 24. August 2021

Small Cap investing: Finding coal and watching them grow into diamonds

The portfolio managers in the European Small Cap team rarely have an investment bank analysis they can refer to before investing in a company. Instead, they have to do all the analysis legwork themselves but the advantage is that they often find diamonds in the rough.

Party not quite over

While the best is probably behind us in terms of both the economic boom and equity markets, we continue to see a certain return potential in the coming 12 months – primarily driven by European assets. Below, we list the key takeaways from our new Asset Management Quarterly View report.

Article - 02. July 2021

Danske Bank makes investing sustainably easier for clients

Danske Bank is adjusting index funds so institutional clients can more readily invest sustainably.

Article - 28. June 2021

Green energy transformation: a megatrend with attractive investment opportunities

If society is to resolve its climate challenges, we need to accelerate the provision of renewable energy. This will create attractive new business and investment opportunities, says the investment team behind the Global Sustainable Future investment fund.

Hedge funds can celebrate anniversary with solid results behind them

Danske Bank Asset Management’s latest two hedge funds can look back on three eventful years where the strategies adopted have so far proved their worth.

Article - 17. June 2021

Oil companies must adapt to the climate agenda to be an attractive investment

How do we achieve a CO2-neutral society by 2050 and realise the Paris Agreement’s ambition of limiting the rise in global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius?

Article - 27. May 2021

New report: Responsible investments continue to expand and grow

The Covid-19 outbreak, new EU regulation and an increased demand for responsible investment products have boosted responsible investments - a market that was growing quite fast already. Learn more about Danske Bank Asset Management’s progress in responsible investments in a new report.

Article - 25. May 2021

Investors can influence oil companies to take part in the green transition

Investors are an important voice in the oil industry and can use their influence to push oil companies in a green direction, says senior portfolio manager Kasper From Larsen. He believes that engaging actively with oil companies makes sense both from a return and a climate perspective.

Article - 18. May 2021

Portfolio managers look forward to getting back on the road

Face-to-face meetings are an important part of the investment process for several investment teams at Danske Bank Asset Management. After a year with corona restrictions, we asked two portfolio managers how they have managed to compensate for the lack of physical meetings, not travelling and working from home.

Article - 06. May 2021

Embracing the green transition creates value

The global action to mitigate the effects of climate change caused by society, companies and consumers is profoundly changing the corporate bond investment universe, which underscores the importance of focusing on climate issues when assessing investment opportunities, according to Cecilie Hoffmeyer.

Article - 26. April 2021

Huge interest in equity fund focused on UN SDGs

Investor interest in the equity fund Danske Invest Global Sustainable Future has surged since its launch in September 2020. We spoke to the fund’s managers about the outlook for responsible investment.

Danske Bank raises the bar on sustainable investment targets to support green transition

New targets for ESG and sustainable investments funds and a commitment to support the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner will strengthen Danske Bank’s ability to create customer value and support the transition to a more sustainable society.

Article - 25. March 2021

Danske Bank Asset Management tightens restrictions on fossil fuels

Going forward, Danske Bank Asset Management will not invest in companies deriving more than 5% of their revenue from thermal coal, tar sands or peat. These enhanced restrictions are part of phasing out investments in these fuel types by 2040 in support of the Paris Agreement.

Article - 08. March 2021

New EU regulation to transform sustainable investments

Sustainability is high on the agenda in the public debate and in the asset management industry. A series of new regulatory initiatives from the EU will reshape responsible and sustainable investments and create further opportunities and transparency for investors.

Article - 01. March 2021

Equities still have more to give

NEW QUARTERLY REPORT: After a long, dark, corona winter, spring is now knocking at the door and stoking optimism in equity markets, though the best times could well be behind us.

Article - 01. March 2021

Corona crisis intensifies focus on green transition

A series of political initiatives helped add additional momentum to the green transition during the corona pandemic. The climate agenda was also the theme Danske Bank most often discussed with companies in 2020

Article - 1. February 2021

Strategist: Price falls could present a buying opportunity

Danske Bank’s investment strategist, Lars Skovgaard Andersen, gives his take on the current market turmoil.

Article - 28. January 2021

Climate plays a key role in investments

The climate agenda plays an important role when Danske Bank selects investments for customers

Article - 20. January 2021

Are equity bubbles forming – and how can we avoid them?

Potential bubble formation in parts of the equity market is a theme attracting increasing attention. Investment strategist Lars Skovgaard Andersen presents his assessment – and gives some good advice about investing in new trends and technologies without running unnecessarily high risks.

Article - 18. December 2020

New York Summit 2020: Has the coronavirus changed the way we work for the long term?

Raghuram Rajan is a recognized Indian economist and professor at Chicago Booth. Here he provides us with his view on how the coronavirus affects global productivity and our work habits.

Article - 18. December 2020

New York Summit 2020: How will sustainability drive investments over the next decade?

David M. Solomon is chairman and chief executive officer of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Here he provides us with his view on sustainable investments.

Article - 16. December 2020

A nuanced approach to corporate governance in Russia

Traditionally, investing in Russian equities has been associated with weak corporate governance. In this article Senior Portfolio Manager Olga Karakozova gives her view on a much debated topic.

Article - 11. December 2020

New York Summit 2020: Do we still need NATO?

A dedicated patriot, intellectual and strategist, former Secretary of Defense and retired Marine Corps general James N. Mattis exemplifies principled leadership in times of turbulence. Here he provides us with his view on NATO

Article - 07. December 2020

New York Summit 2020: What are the biggest security threats to the US today?

Described as “someone who sees the world as it really is” and who speaks “with moral clarity,” former White House National Security Advisor John Bolton provides us with an unparalleled perspective on geopolitical risks.

Article - 02. December 2020

Grounds for optimism in 2021

Despite continuing uncertainty on the coronavirus and economic growth, we see 2021 as having the potential to be a good year for risk assets such as equities.

Article - 30. November 2020

New York Summit 2020: Is America First the right way?

Nikki Haley is the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. She served as a member of the National Security Council and President Donald Trump’s Cabinet and provides us with her perspective on Donald Trump and his America First policy.

Article - 17. November 2020

An opportunity to make a greater difference

Active ownership through voting at general meetings is an important part of our ability to create long-term value for the companies we invest in and for our customers. The annual general meeting is an opportunity to voice our opinion, vote on issues of key importance to the running of a company, and contribute to good governance of the company.

Article - 09. November 2020

ESG integration across the investment organisation

How is sustainability integrated into Danske Bank’s portfolios across asset classes and strategies?

Article - 27. October 2020

Five key questions – and answers – on the US election

Chief strategist Henrik Drusebjerg assesses the significance of the US presidential election for the economy and equity markets.

Article - 26. October 2020

A quantitative view on ESG integration

A healthy dose of scepticism and caution is necessary when you work with ESG integration in a quant portfolio – at least if you ask Senior Portfolio Manager Ville Kivipelto.

Article - 20. October 2020

Cutting through the data noise with mDASH®

Head of Fundamental Equities Kasper Brix-Andersen uses mDASH® to cut through the noise from ESG rating agencies and identify the ESG factors that are important for a company’s business model.

Article - 07. October 2020

The private equity view on ESG integration

As head of Danske Private Equity, Claus Heimann Larsen has first-hand experience of working with ESG matters. Together with his team, Claus reviews and analyses hundreds of investment opportunities every year.

Article - 06. October 2020

Beginning of the end for equities?

The recovery in equity markets stalled in September – so is the great comeback since March over? Danske Bank’s strategy team takes stock of equity markets going into the final quarter of the year, which will also see the US presidential election.

Article - 24. September 2020

Record number of funds awarded LuxFLAG ESG label

A substantial number of Danske Invest’s funds have just been awarded the sustainability label LuxFLAG ESG – making Danske Invest the fund manager in Europe with most funds bearing the certification.

Article - 22. September 2020

Forget Trump and Biden – this is the key person in the US

COLUMN: Danske Bank’s investment strategist, Lars Skovgaard Andersen, explains why the US presidential election will probably not have any great impact on your investments.

Article - 14. September 2020

Active ownership: Corona crisis puts the spotlight on social factors

The health and safety of employees has been important during the corona crisis – and Danske Bank’s new active ownership report outlines how social factors, corporate social responsibility and a robust business model now have greater significance for companies.

Article - 11. September 2020

Strategist: Tech stocks will recover

Investment strategist Lars Skovgaard Andersen continues to see an attractive return potential in tech stocks despite a sharp fall in prices in the past week.

Article - 09. September 2020

Danske Bank has significantly improved in latest United Nations Principles of Responsible Investments assessment

The annual assessment conducted by United Nations Principles of Responsible Investments (UN-PRI), shows progress to Danske Bank’s work with sustainable investment in several areas – not least within active ownership.

Article - 08. September 2020

Danske Bank launches a sustainable equity fund

The new equity fund, Danske Invest Global Sustainable Future, invests in companies leading the global transition to increased sustainability – a theme with substantial growth potential and attractive investment opportunities.

Article - 01. September 2020

Chief strategist: Great comeback still has room to run

After dropping like a stone in the spring, equities and other risk assets have staged an equally dramatic comeback – and despite a number of risks chief strategist Henrik Drusebjerg sees further upside potential.

Article - 17. August 2020

Incorporating carbon footprint data to make better investment decisions

Assessing climate-related risk is an important part of the investment process, says portfolio manager Lars Erik Moen. By tracking a company’s carbon footprint, he can mitigate the risk of a company not being priced correctly according to the climate challenges it faces. However, lack of carbon data poses a huge challenge.

Article - 14. August 2020

Asian equities look attractive

Powered by China, Asian emerging markets are among the most attractive investment areas right now, according to Danske Bank’s investment strategist.

Article - 13. August 2020

Pushback to protect investors’ return

Danske Bank’s corporate bond team is ensuring that private equity funds do not extract value from acquired companies at the expense of bondholders. Assets should remain in the company rather being divested, to avoid negative consequences for the investment as the company’s financial stability could be weakened.

Article - 12. August 2020

Four key themes that could drive your investment return

What has driven the financial markets over the summer, and what will determine market direction going forward? Danske Bank’s strategists give their assessment.

Article - 08. July 2020

The shipping sector has to consider climate issues

The climate agenda has moved into the engine room of the shipping industry, and with it comes a number of challenges for the sector. Portfolio Manager Anders Grønning puts spotlight on how shipping companies address climate issues, as this will have great significance for whether or not they will continue to be attractive investments.

Article - 07. July 2020

Sustainability data from across the value chain

For a long time, Senior Portfolio Manager Emelie Aulik has followed and analysed Swedish property companies, which, from the point of view of sustainability, can be said to be at the forefront in terms of energy efficiency. At the same time, however, they still have a lot of work to do when it comes to reporting. In this article, Emelie Aulik shares her view on the property sector’s sustainability efforts.

Article - 29. June 2020

Solid comeback for equities – but no room for complacency

Chief strategist Henrik Drusebjerg looks back on an extremely turbulent first half-year on the financial markets and outlines his expectations for the rest of 2020.

Article - 25. June 2020

New report: Danske Bank’s progress on sustainable investment

Strengthening our ESG integration and active ownership, contributing to better quality ESG data, and sustainability labels for investment funds are some of the highlights of Danske Bank’s sustainable investment work in the past year. The new publication ‘Our Sustainable Investment Journey’ shares our progress and provides examples of how investment teams address business-critical sustainability matters in different sectors.

Article - 04. June 2020

Chief strategist: Equities worth the high risk

We have rarely experienced greater uncertainty on the prospects for the economy than right now. Nevertheless, we are cautiously optimistic in our investment strategy at Danske Bank.

Article - 28. May 2020

Sustainability as a growth driver

How can companies use sustainability to grow their business and achieve a competitive advantage? That is a focal point when Danske Bank’s Swedish small cap fund engages with smaller Swedish companies, where sustainability plays a key role for their business potential – and our return potential as investors.

Article - 15. May 2020

EQUITIES: The big winners – and losers – of the corona crisis

The very substantial spread in returns across different regions and sectors in recent months illustrates the value of risk diversification and sound allocation in equities.

White paper - 15. May 2020

In search of quality ESG data

A new white paper by Danske Bank highlights the need for quality ESG data with investment value and standardised corporate reporting.

Article - 04. May 2020

Corona crisis – the long-term winners

Investment strategist Lars Skovgaard Andersen currently cannot see a more attractive long-term investment trend than our digital transformation – and the corona crisis has only lent extra wind to its sails.

Article - 28. April 2020

Using active ownership to increase focus on sustainability

Our new publication Active Ownership Stories documents the progress of our active ownership activities. It shows examples of how our investment teams influence companies through dialogue to address business-critical sustainability matters.

Article - 23. April 2020

What does the collapse in oil mean for your investments?

The oil market has hit historic lows in the past week, which could have a knock-on effect on equity and bond prices. Danske Bank’s strategist assesses developments and the likely consequences for investors.

Article - 16. April 2020

After the rebound – what next for equities?

After the pronounced rebound in equity markets ahead of Easter, prices are likely to grow more sluggishly from here, estimates chief strategist Henrik Drusebjerg.

Article - 03. April 2020

Equity team at Danske Invest Europe keep heads cool and options open

When the financial markets walk over a cliff, investors need to stick to their strategies and capitalise on opportunities when they arise. We have spoken to Kasper Brix-Andersen, who heads up the equity fund Danske Invest Europe.

Article - 31. March 2020

Chief strategist: Flames dampened, but embers still smouldering

Danske Bank’s strategists take stock of the financial markets after the first five weeks of the corona crisis – and they see more upside than downside in equity markets right now.

Article - 20 March. 2020

Worth knowing about the corona crisis and the fall in equity prices

Several questions keep recurring when customers contact Danske Bank about the coronavirus and their investments. Read the responses of chief strategist Henrik Drusebjerg and his team of strategists.

Article - 16 March. 2020

Chief strategist: Time and patience the best protection against loss

COLUMN: Chief strategist Henrik Drusebjerg assesses the latest coronavirus developments, where governments and central banks are going all in to support the economy – and so also the financial markets.

Article - 12. March 2020

Coronavirus: 3 important questions – and answers – about your investments

The corona crisis is escalating, and equity markets have plunged. Danske Bank’s chief strategist, Henrik Drusebjerg, here gives his assessment of what investors can expect going forward, and how you should react as an investor.

House view - Q2 - 2020

Equities still hold potential despite virus fears

While the coronavirus is causing uncertainty and falling prices in the financial markets at the moment, we still expect a decent return from equities in the coming year.

Article - 28. February - 2020

Is the US better prepared for cyber-attacks now?

Cyber security expert Eric Rosenbach believes that security is better today, than it was at the election in 16. However, he is not sure if it is enough. In this interview, he talks more about that and why cyber security is an increasingly important topic for investors.

Article - 25. February - 2020

Coronavirus fears weigh on equities

The coronavirus spreading increases uncertainty on the negative effects on the economy. At Danske Bank, we still expect the impact to be temporary and are maintaining a slight overweight in equities.

Article - 13. February - 2020

When will we reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? – New York Summit Insights with Michael Green

“We won’t have economic growth if our societies are in turmoil, and our planet is on fire”.

Article - 03. February 2020

Bye bye Brits – now the hard part starts

What lies ahead for the UK and the EU, and what is the significance for your investments? Danske Bank’s strategy team gives their assessment.

Article - 31. January 2020

Will 2020 be a new, strong year for emerging market debt?

Following a successful 2019, senior portfolio manager Jacob Ellinge Nielsen assesses the outlook for emerging market debt in hard currency, which Danske Bank is currently overweighting in its portfolios.

Article - 22. January 2020

Tribes of America - New York Summit Insights with Frank Luntz

"I think this is going to be the worst election year since 1968 - and in 1968 we lost Bobby Kennedy. We lost Martin Luther King. We had a horribly divisive war. There was physical fighting going on in our streets... We're going to see the most dramatic campaign that we have ever lived through." – Dr. Frank Luntz at the Danske Bank New York Summit 2019.

Article - 17. January 2020

”Redrawing the Lines” – New York Summit 2019

The New York Summit is Danske Bank Asset Management’s annual conference for institutional clients. Set in the city that never sleeps and financial centre of the world, the annual conference gives participants a unique view into the future of finance, politics and security.

Article - 15. January 2020

Fallacies of investment thinking - New York Summit Insights

Dr. Daniel Kahneman is a professor of psychology and Nobel laureate in economics. His research has laid the foundation of the field we now call behavioural economics. He is also the author of the book 'Thinking, Fast and Slow', an international bestseller and a guiding light among much of the currently popular nonfiction on nudging and behavioural design.

Article - 15. January 2020

An Outlook for Private Equity and Other Alternatives – New York Summit insights with David Rubenstein

At the 2019 New York Summit Mr. David Rubenstein gave a presentation and on-stage interview about private equity, his career as co-founder of the Carlyle Group and his role as host on “The David Rubenstein Show” on Bloomberg TV, where conducts peer-to-peer conversations with guests like Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Stephen Schwartzman, to name a few.

Article - 18. December 2019

Goodbye to a golden decade – will the next be just as good?

Danske Bank’s chief strategist, Henrik Drusebjerg, takes stock of the past decade in the financial markets and outlines his expectations for the coming ten years.

House view - Q1 2020

2020 no fireworks but less could also be enough

NEW QUARTERLY HOUSE VIEW: Despite the presence of several potential showstoppers in the global economy, we still see a reasonable return potential for equities in the coming year.

Article - 30. October 2019

Five key factors that help determine return

What are the guiding lights for Danske Bank’s strategy team when they assess return potential in the equity markets – and is the outlook currently positive or negative?

Article - 17. October 2019

Active Ownership companies increasingly impacted by sustainability

Danske Bank’s new active ownership report shows a spike in the number of ESG topics discussed with companies, which accentuates sustainability’s impact on companies.

Article - 15. October 2019

How the specialist selects winning equities

Kasper Brix-Andersen is the chief portfolio manager of a fund that focuses on European quality equities. Here, he explains how he identifies the most attractive investments.

Article - 10. October 2019

3 stubborn myths about China and the trade war

Being able to distinguish between fact and fiction is vitally important when investors are navigating the choppy waters of the trade war, explains Danske Bank’s investment strategist Lars Skovgaard Andersen.

Article - 01. October 2019

Congratulations China but are you worth investing in

The People’s Republic of China is turning 70, but do investors have anything to celebrate? We sketch a portrait of the Middle Kingdom as a place of investment.

Article - 20. September 2019

Ideal equities in uncertain times

THEME: Quality equities that pay high dividends have attractive characteristics that are in particular demand during periods of uncertainty in the financial markets. We focus on an interesting niche in the equity market – and hear how our portfolio manager selects the best companies.

Article - 13. September 2019

Germany considers loosening the purse strings

Should Germany finally loosen fiscal policy, both growth and equity markets in Europe could get a lift – with green investments in particular benefiting. Investment strategist Lars Skovgaard Andersen surveys the prospects.

Article - 11. September 2019

Seminar: Navigating today’s volatile markets

Lunch seminar in Stockholm gives customers insights and inspiration

Article - 10. September 2019

Have central banks run out of ammunition

The ECB will be holding a long-awaited interest rate meeting on Thursday – but what exactly is the role of the central banks, and what can they do now to kick-start growth? Danske Bank's investment strategist, Lars Skovgaard Andersen, examines these issues.

House view - Q4 2019

A vital vitamin infusion for the global economy

NEW QUARTERLY REPORT: Accommodative monetary policies and solid private consumption are lifelines for the global economy, which according to Anders Svennesen, co-CIO in Danske Bank Asset Management, still offers attractive investment opportunities.

Article - 30. August 2019

How our Portfolio Managers select Danish equities

A great deal of preliminary work is carried out before asset managers in the equity fund Danske Invest Denmark select their equities. Here are some of the prerequisites that have to be met before an equity finds its way into the portfolio.

Article - 30. August 2019

How much can monetary policy do? A macro-economic outlook

Maria Landeborn is senior strategist in Danske Bank. She was one of the keynote speaker at the 2019 edition of the annual Asset Management ‘Placeringsevent’ in Stockholm. In this article we present a summary her presentation of Danske Bank’s macro-economic outlook for the future

Article - 29. August 2019

Full house at Danske Bank Asset Management’s Investment Seminar in Stockholm

At the top floor venue at our offices on Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm we welcomed customers to our yearly investment seminar with keynotes from Danske Banks senior strategist, portfolio managers and external guest speaker, psychiatrist and celebrated public speaker, Anders Hansen.

Article - 21. August 2019

Strategist: Why US equities should give the highest returns

Danske Bank is now increasing its weighting in US equities and reducing its weighting in European equities. Below, investment strategist Lars Skovgaard Andersen explains why.

Article - 16. August 2019

Potential death blow from US yields – but don’t panic!

Plunging markets left investors rattled on Wednesday as major indices shed 2-3%.

Article - 15. July 2019

The Swedish rookie

Stefan Rocklind likes to talk. Usually straightforward, he says what he thinks and is honest about what he believes in.

Article - 7. July 2019

Investing in healthcare

As asset managers we need to be experts in more than managing assets – one of which is cutting edge cancer treatment.

Article - 28. June 2019

World championship in loose monetary policy – what’s happening?

Accommodative or loose monetary policies have become the new black among central banks around most of the world. But why now – and what does it mean for your investments?

Video - 28. June 2019

European Summit insights Radek Sikorski

The European defence program is a major underdog compared to the defence programs in the US and China. In this interview, Radek Sikorski gives his thoughts on what we have done and are doing to bolster the European defence. He also explains why our defence budget is not as effective as the budgets of the abovementioned superpowers.

Video - 27. June 2019

Integrating sustainability into investment decisions

Recently, we launched a new global macro hedge fund that is managed by Bo Bejstrup Christensen and Lars Tranberg Rasmussen.

Video - 20. June 2019

European Summit insights: Morten Løkkegaard

Europe stands at a crossroad where nationalism, fiscal policy and market dynamics have challenged the environment for investors.

Danske Bank Asset Management awarded best external asset manager in Denmark 2019

Danske Bank Asset Management has been named the best asset manager in Denmark in 2019 by Prospera. The survey was conducted among 91 organisations with minimum MDKK 200 in externally managed funds.

House view - Q3 2019

CIO: Equities will survive Trump’s trade war

The escalation in the trade war between the US and China has effectively slammed the brakes on this year’s upturn in global equity markets.

Article - 04. May 2019

Boom for fixed income hedge funds at Danske Bank

A strong track record and increased awareness among investors have resulted in a massive inflow of capital to Danske Bank’s fixed income hedge funds in recent years.

Video - 30. May 2019

European Summit insights: Holger Schmieding

Europe stands at a crossroad where nationalism, fiscal policy and market dynamics have challenged the environment for investors.

Video - 24. May 2019

Our sustainable investment journey 2019

Our investment teams are at the centre of our journey to integrate sustainability into investments in order to deliver attractive returns to our customers.

Article - 24. May 2019

Whither Europe?

A Nobel Prize winner, a chief economist, a member of the European Parliament and a former foreign and defence minister from one of the EU’s largest countries were all on the stage at the European Summit

Article - 14. May 2019

Success for fund with a sustainable focus

Steadily rising demand for Danske Invest fund that invests in corporate bonds from European companies with a solidly sustainable profile.

Article - 05. May 2019

We remain invested in equities despite Trump’s trade shock

Donald Trump tossed a grenade into the trade war over the weekend, but it hasn’t killed off our appetite for equities.

Article - 02. May 2019

When might IT equities lose their shine?

US IT firms have stormed ahead of the pack so far this year – but can they continue? Investment strategist Lars Skovgaard Andersen gives his views on the outlook for IT equities.

Article - 23. April 2019

Here is the greatest potential in emerging market debt

After a challenging 2018, emerging market debt in hard currency has got off to a strong start in 2019. Portfolio manager Bent Lystbæk gives his take on the prospects for the asset class and the countries that hold greatest potential.

Video - 11. April 2019

Building ESG processes from the bottom-up

“When our customers entrust us with their assets and savings, they expect us to safeguard them and make them grow. They also expect us to invest sustainably”

Article - 5. April 2019

The real roots of the trade war

The trade war between the US and China is not just about trade, but also about world domination in technology, in the view of Danske Bank’s investment strategist, Lars Skovgaard Andersen

Video - 4. April 2019

FONDS Congress Mannheim 2019 – Bernd Ankenbrand

At the FONDS Congress, we got some interesting insights from Professor Dr. Bernd Ankenbrand, who besides being a purpose economist also is an avid pilot.

Article - 29. March 2019

Yield curve danger signal spooks investors

The US yield curve inverting has got alarm bells ringing in equity markets. Investment strategist Lars Skovgaard Andersen explains why and assesses the significance.

House view – Q2 2019

Are equity markets running on empty?

Following a strong start to 2019, equity markets have recouped much of their end of year losses, but are they running on empty? In our new Quarterly House View CIO Anders Svennesen consider where the next uplift to equities might come from.

Video – 28. February 2019

Sustainable investments and sound advice

Sustainable investment is an integral part of our duty to safeguard and grow our customers assets.

House view - Q1 2019

In 2019 we will finally put the financial crisis behind us

After close to 10 years of aftershocks from the financial crisis, the global economy is finally headed towards normality again, and we expect decent equity returns in the coming year.

Article - 25. January 2019

EuroHedge Fund winners

Award winning Danske Bank fund has outperformed the competition over the last decade.

Video - 21. January 2019

New York Summit 2018 - Robert Shiller

The Nobel Prize winning American economist Robert Shiller is a Sterling Professor in Economy at Yale University.

Video - 21. January 2019

New York Summit 2018 - Keith Alexander

In this video, you meet retired 4-star General Keith Alexander who is now serving as CEO and President of the company IronNet Cybersecurity.

Video - 21. January 2019

New York Summit 2018 - Wendy Sherman

Ambassador Wendy Sherman is Senior Counselor at Albright Stonebridge Group and former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

Video - 21. January 2019

New York Summit 2018 - Nicholas Lardy

Nicholas Lardy is a Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and an expert on the Chinese economy.

1. January 2019

Prospera: Danske Bank is the best Nordic asset manager

Danske Bank Asset Management is the best asset manager in the Nordic region in 2018.

House view - Q4 2018

Populism making its mark on the financial markets

The US president’s political agenda carries an increasing risk of triggering a major crisis in the financial markets and could kill off the synchronous global upswing.

House view - Q3 2018

Investors underestimate the strength of the global upswing

While the economy has entered the late-cycle phase of the upswing, we still see an extended period of economic growth and rising equity prices ahead of us.

House view - Q2 2018

End of an era – but equity upswing still in place

After a historically long period of declining interest rates, we will likely have to adjust to a new economic reality.

House view - Q1 2018

Bull market has more to give in 2018

Four themes will be of key importance for return and risk in the financial markets in the coming year.

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