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We have collected various services and guides to help you stay safe online.


  • Download the Webroot antivirus program (Business Online customers)

     As a Business Online customer, you can download the award-winning Webroot SecureAnywhere security program free of charge. This program provides effective protection against viruses and malware and blocks any attempts to steal your online banking details and personal information.

    Read more about Webroot SecureAnywhere.

    Log on to Business Online to download Webroot SecureAnywhere.

  • Take out online banking insurance

    As a business, you are responsible for your own IT security. This means that you are liable for losses resulting from online banking intrusion.

    If your business is a Danske Bank customer, we can offer you an online banking insurance through Tryg.

    Read more about online banking insurance at Tryg

  • Do a quick check of files and URLs

    You can easily check whether a file or website is free from viruses and harmful programs. For example, VirusTotal analyses both files and URLs for viruses, worms, trojan horses and all kinds of malware.

    Use VirusTotal to scan files and check URLs.


  • When you travel

    When you or your colleagues are travelling on business, you should be extra careful when you use your computers, mobile phones and tablets.

    Think about what is on your hard disk
    Remove critical and confidential information from your devices before leaving.

    Reset mobile phones and tablets
    Resetting your mobile phones and tablets before you leave and on your return will delete any viruses.

    Use secure connections to go online
    We recommend that you use a VPN connection for your computers, mobile phones and tablets.

    Read more about VPN connections.

  • When you transfer money

    You should always pay extra attention to e-mails and inquiries about money transfers.

    In particular, you should look out for

    • invoices from unknown suppliers
    • messages about payments to accounts other than those normally used
    • e-mails from the CEO or a senior staff member regarding unexpected transfers (CEO fraud)

    Always contact the supplier in question or the CEO or a senior staff member if you are in the slightest doubt.

    Read more about invoice scams.

    Read more about CEO fraud.

  • When you use a mobile phone to go online

    Below we provide a few simple tips to reduce the risk of your mobile phone being infected by various types of harmful software.

    Install secure apps only
    Have clear guidelines on what apps employees are allowed to install on business mobile phones or use a Mobile Device Management application.

    Keep personal and work-related programs separate
    If a mobile phone is used for both personal and work-related purposes, viruses and malware in personal programs can be transferred to your business’s data. You can avoid this by installing a Virtual Mobile Infrastructure solution. 

    Read more about Mobile Device Management.
    Read more about Virtual Mobile Infrastructure.

  • If you receive suspicious e-mails and text messages

    Watch out for fraudulent e-mails (phishing) or fraudulent text messages (smishing), which are some of the most common types of fraud.

    Look out for the danger signals

    • The name of the sender (the URL) is not entirely correct, and sometimes letters have been reversed or replaced (skilled fraudsters may, however, send a fraudulent e-mail or text message with a seemingly correct name of the sender).
    • The sender will usually pretend to be your bank, Nets, SKAT (the Danish tax authorities) or another authority or reliable sender.
    • The sender will, as a rule, encourage you to respond quickly by following a link in the message.
    • Never click links and do not respond to suspicious e-mails or text messages.

    Contact us in case of suspected fraud
    If you receive suspicious e-mails or text messages that seem to originate from Danske Bank, you can always contact us. If it turns out to be an attempted fraud, we will make sure that the website is removed from our approved lists.

    Forward the e-mail or a screenshot of the text message to this address:

    See examples of fraudulent e-mails

    See examples of fraudulent text messages

  • Take advantage of the many Business Online options

    Our Business Online solution provides many options to increase payment security.

    Restricted user access
    You can control users’ rights to make payments and set up creditors.

    Two approvers
    You can use two-stage approval, requiring two users to approve all transfers independently.

    Payment limit
    You can limit the amount that can be transferred from a specific account or user.

    Notification centre
    You can set your mobile phones and tablets to provide an alarm in case of information on the balance or any payments exceeding a certain limit.

    User administration
    You can get an overview in real time of the individual users’ authority, access to accounts and permission to set up payments. And you can change user rights immediately.

    Read more about security functions in Business Online.

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