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Get advice and help around the clock on +45 70 123 456

Do you have questions about your finances? Has a strange amount been charged to your account? Would you like to have a budget drawn up? We can help you, just call us on +45 70 12 34 56. You can also call us on the following direct telephone numbers if your question concerns one of the areas stated below.

Direct telephone numbers and opening hours

  • Technical support

    Call 70 104 610 if you have problems with Danske eBanking, Danske Mobile Banking or Danske Letbank (Easy Banking)

    Monday-Thursday:   8 - 21 
    Friday   8 - 18
    Saturday : 10 - 18   
    Sunday: 10 - 21

    You can also find answers to your questions on Help

  • Block your card
    Call +45 70 20 70 20 if you have lost your card or suspect unauthorised use. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Tip: Block and unblock your card in one minute

    If you have lost your card, you can easily and quickly block it in Danske Mobile Banking – and unblock it if you recover it.

  • Become a customer

    Call 70 10 17 08 if you wish to become a Danske Bank customer. 

    Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Home finance

    Call 70 15 15 16 if you need help with the purchase or sale of a home or if you have questions about your existing loans.

    Monday-Thursday:    9-21
    Friday:        9-18
    Weekend: 10-16

  • Investment

    Call 70 20 22 96 if you wish to get started with investments or have questions about your Danske Bank investments.

    Monday-Friday:          9-18
    Weekends and public holidays: Closed

Did you know?

Did you know that you will get through on the telephone faster if you enter your CPR number – or account number – when you call us.


If you call us or we call you at your request or to follow up on your inquiry, phone conversations may be recorded and stored due to documentation and security purposes. If we talk with you about investment services, we are obliged to record and store our telephone conversation