We can help you find the mortgage that best matches you and your situation

If you're buying a home or refinancing your property, you face a bewildering number of borrowing options: fixed or adjustable rate, capped or interest-only? We can help you understand the variety of loans and features available so that you can select the best solution for your family's circumstances.

We can help you find the mortgage that best matches you and your situation. You can select:

  • Fixed rate: predictable payment schedule. 
  • FlexLån®: interest rate is typically lower than on fixed rate loans but is adjustable and may  rise during repayment period. 
  • FlexGaranti®: adjustable rate loan with a guaranteed interest rate ceiling. 
  • Danske Bolig Fri®: flexible mortgage loan with a variable interest rate. 

The best solution for you depends on whether you prefer security, or whether you want to benefit from possible interest rate adjustments.

Get expert advice on:

There are many decisions to make when you consider buying a property. One of the most important is how to finance your new property. Our advisory services cover not only the type of financing you should choose, we also help you settle the final details on the remaining balance, for example. In other words, we take care of your entire property financing – from A to Z.

As a property owner, you can raise equity from your property and use it in several ways. Maybe you have already considered using some of your equity to rebuild or extend your property, or buy a flat for your child. Or maybe you want to save up for your retirement using your property or improve your financial situation by refinancing your existing loan.

Selling a property
If you consider selling your property, it is always a good idea to talk to one of our advisers. They will give you an idea of the financial consequences of selling. Also, we can set up contacts with estate agents with a thorough knowledge of your local area.

Loans, credit and debit cards, and other credit facilities are subject to credit qualification.