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A Visa/Dankort card can be used for everyday shopping and travel. You can use the card in most shops, and you can withdraw money from more than 400,000 ATMs worldwide. When you use the card, the amount is charged your account shortly after – usually on the same day. This makes it easy to keep track of spending on your account.



  • Card for day-to-day shopping and travel

    You can pay for goods or services with a Visa/Dankort card in shops that accept Dankort and/or Visa cards, including online shops.  If you choose to pay with Visa instead of your Dankort card in an online shop, it will be easier for you to submit a dispute to the shop should it become necessary.

    Read more about disputes

    If you return an item, most shops will be able to refund the amount to your Visa/Dankort card.

  • Withdraw cash

    You can use your Visa/Dankort card to withdraw cash from ATMs and in most Danish banks. Abroad, you can withdraw cash from ATMs and in banks that accept Visa cards. Cash withdrawals may be subject to a fee. You can read more about this in the list of charges.
  • Security

    Your Visa/Dankort card is personal and may be used only by you. When you receive the card, you must sign it immediately. There is also a PIN for your card, which you need to memorise. If you suspect that someone has gained access to your PIN or card, you must contact us immediately.

    If you lose your Visa/Dankort card, you must block it. You can do this quickly and easily in Danske Mobile Banking, Danske eBanking or Danske Tablet Banking. If you cannot find your card, you can easily deactivate it in Danske Mobile Banking and reactivate it if you find it again. If your card is stolen or lost, you can order a new card in Danske Mobile Banking, Danske eBanking or Danske Tablet Banking. If you do not have access to Danske Mobile Banking, Danske eBanking or Danske Tablet Banking, you can call us 24 hours a day on + 45 70 20 70 20.

    Learn more about the blocking of cards
  • Spending limit

    As a general rule, your Visa/Dankort spending is limited to the amount you have in your account. However, if you use the card as a Visa card, there is a maximum spending limit per current 30 days (and a maximum spending limit per day). This applies regardless of whether you use your Visa card in Denmark or abroad. If you reach the maximum spending limit, your card is automatically blocked.

  • More secure online shopping

    To reduce the risk of card fraud online, there are requirements for the authentication of online card payments.
    This means that you may experience that you need to authenticate your purchases using either:

    • The NemID code app or
    • A personal password of your choice in combination with a one-time passcode sent by text message.

    Read more here

  • No fees on card payments in the EU

    From 1 January 2018, neither physical shops nor online shops may charge a fee when you pay with a Mastercard card or any other card. This applies throughout the EU.

    There are exceptions, however. Fees may be charged on corporate cards and cards issued in non-EU countries. If you are liable for purchases made with your corporate card, it is regarded as a personal card and no fees are payable.

    If you are charged a fee when using the card, you must complain to the shop and ask them to refund the amount according to the Danish Payments Act (Betalingsloven). You can also file a complaint about the shop with the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority at

  • A single pin for all your cards

    You can have the same PIN for all your Danske Bank cards. This way you have to remember only one PIN, making it easier to use cards you only use occasionally. You can order a single PIN for all your cards in Danske eBanking under ‘Cards and currency’ | ‘Card overview’.
  • Have amounts been charged to your account that you do not recognise or have not authorised? 

    You can submit a dispute if you see card transactions on your account that you do not recognise or have not authorised. 

    For example, if you have shopped online and have not received your purchase, we may well be able to help you. Before you contact us, however, you must try to work out the problem with the shop or website. If you cannot come to an agreement within 2-4 weeks after the purchase was made, you should submit a dispute immediately. 

    If you suspect that your card has been used fraudulently, block it immediately and then submit a dispute.
    Read more about how we can help and how to submit a dispute here.

  • Block and reactivate your card in Danske Mobile Banking

    If you lose your a card, you can easily block it in Danske Mobile Banking – and reactivate it if you find it again.

    How to block cards in Danske Mobile Banking

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