Danske Online Meeting

Talk to your bank adviser from home

With Danske Online Meeting, you do not need to visit your Danske Bank branch to meet with your adviser. You just talk together online. So you can be home - or anywhere else - while the adviser is at the Danske Bank branch. You must have access to Danske eBanking and a telephone in order to use Danske Online Meeting.

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Easy and personal

Personal advice

Danske Online Meeting is well suited for advice about complex issues such as home finance, pension and investment.

Sign digitally

You can sign agreements in Danske eBanking, which means that the paperwork can also be done from home.

See calculations on the screen

The adviser will provide you with an overview of your finances by showing you illustrations and calculations on the screen.

Online Meeting

Questions and answers

  • Are there special requirements for my computer if I want to use Danske Online Meeting?

    All standard modern computers with internet access – both PC and Mac – can, under normal circumstances, be used for Danske Online Meeting. You can see the technical requirements here.
    You do not need special equipment – only a phone, as you and your adviser speak only over the phone. A Danske Online meeting typically lasts between 30 minutes and one hour. So you may want to use a headset or put the phone on speaker.

  • Internet connection requirements
    The meeting uses commonly available network connections. Problems may be experienced in connection with old modem connections or if you have a 3G connection with poor coverage. If you experience problems, the meeting can be held by telephone or be changed to a physical meeting at a branch.
  • Security
    Danske Bank takes every measure to prevent unauthorised access to online meetings, but, of course you also have to take the same precautions as you do when using the internet for other purposes. Read more about security. At the online meeting, the adviser will present calculations based on your finances. We therefore recommend that only you can see the screen.
  • Can several persons take part in a Danske Online Meeting?
    You are, of course, welcome to have your spouse or cohabiting partner, for example, join the meeting. To begin with, you can use the same computer with the telephone on speaker.
  • Can I use Danske Online Meeting via my iPhone or tablet?
    It is currently only possible to use a PC or Mac computer.
  • Where can I get help?
    If you need technical support in connection with an online meeting, you can call us on +45 70 12 34 56.