Online banking

Manage your finances easily. Whenever you want. Where you want.

Managing your personal finances has never been easier. At Danske Bank, you can do your banking round the clock on your computer or mobile phone. 

How to apply for eBanking as existing customer

  • If you are 18+, click button to apply for eBanking.

    Apply for eBanking

    What happens after I apply for eBanking
    After you have applied for eBanking and if you are in possession of NemID, you will be able to log-on to after 24 working day hours. Just click on the blue "Log in" button in the top right corner on and select "eBanking".


Take control of your day-to-day finance

Regardless of whether you are on the move or at home, you can easily and quickly view balances, transfer money and pay bills.

Is available as:

Get an overview of spending

Find out how you spend your money. You can automatically see the items on which you spend the most. And you can add new categories yourself, for example groceries, car and home.

Is available as:

Keep track of your home loans

Manage the money used to financed your home You can monitor price and interest rate developments, calculate the cost of a new home loan and match it against your financial situation, and you can see whether it would be a good time to remortgage.

Is available as:

Monitor your investments to buy and sell at the right time

Buy and sell securities, view your gains and losses and track market developments. With price service, you receive a text alert or an email when the price of a security reaches your target. And you can place securities that you want to keep track of on a designated price list.

Is available as:

Apply for loans and credit facilities

Afford more, more easily. Apply for a loan directly from Danske eBanking when it suits you, without having to visit your Danske Bank branch. 

Get help on +45 70 104 610

Help is just a phone call away if you have any questions about your Danske eBanking solution.

Other features

Order currency

It is easy to calculate exchange amounts and order travel currency.

Mail and good advice

Send and receive messages. Save documents safely in e-Boks. And get relevant advice about your finances.

Find an ATM

Find the nearest ATM and withdraw cash quickly.

Set up a new account and give others access

Set up new accounts or authorise others to access your account –  and block access again easily.

Digital signature

Avoid having to look for a pen and the nearest mailbox.

Block cards

Block your cards if you lose them, and unblock the cards if you recover them.

We protect your data

You do not have to be concerned about security when using our digital solutions. They are all subject to strict security requirements to avoid fraud. But, of course, you always have to be careful when you are online.

Getting started

You must bank with us if you want to use our online banking solutions.

Are you already a customer?

You were given access to online banking when you became a Danske Bank customer. You can log on, using your NemID, the day after you have become a customer. You can read more about how to get your service code here

Enjoy all the benefits.
Become a Danske Bank customer.