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Danske Indlån

An account for your savings

  • For your current savings
  • Deposit as much as you like 
  • Make one monthly withdrawal free of charge

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Danske Indlån is for customers who want a simple savings account. You can set up a Danske Indlån account if you are 18 years or older. There is no minimum balance requirement for the account, and you can deposit as much and as often as you like. This means that you can both set up regular deposits and make deposits whenever you have surplus funds. 

The account may be terminated at any given time and without notice. 
You can make one monthly withdrawal or transfer free of charge. If you wish to make further withdrawals or transfers, a fee of DKK 40 will be charged per withdrawal or transfer. 


Tips and advice

  • What is the difference between a salary account and a savings account?

    A salary account is the account you use for day-to-day spending. This is the account into which your salary is paid, and it is typically the account for which the payment card that you use most frequently is issued. At Danske Bank, the Danske Konto account type is suited for this purpose.

    A savings account is an account in which you set money aside for large purchases or to build up a buffer for unforeseen expenses. The most commonly used savings accounts are Danske Indlån. 

  • Consider investing your savings

    If you have money that you are thinking of saving up, it may be a good idea to consider investing your savings. The reason for this is that the general interest rate level is currently very low, which means that we cannot offer you much interest on your savings. But there is also a risk of losing money when you invest, so you should always consult us before making investments. 

  • How do I get a budget account?
    At Danske Bank, the Danske Konto account type is the one you want if you need a budget account. You can open an account of this type yourself in Danske eBanking. To benefit from a budget account, you must draw up a budget, so that you know what your fixed expenses are over the year. Next, you set up a regular monthly transfer from your salary account that is adequate to cover your expenses. Then make sure that all fixed expenses are charged to your budget account.
  • How many accounts do I need?
    That depends entirely on your needs and preferences. It is normally a good idea to have at least one account for day-to-day spending and a budget account for fixed expenses. A savings account to put aside money for large purchases, holidays and unforeseen expenses is also a good idea. Many families also benefit from having a separate groceries account with a payment card.
  • Can I share an account with others?
    Yes. If, for example, you need a groceries account that several family members can use, or if you are a group saving up for a joint purpose, you can set up a joint account.

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