• Pay for purchases now or later
  • More secure online shopping
  • Interest-free credit for up to six weeks

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Mastercard Basis can be used for everyday shopping and for making large purchases. You can use the card in most shops in Denmark, in ATMs, for online shopping – and when you travel, you benefit from Mastercard being the most widely accepted card in the world.

You can apply for a Mastercard Basis card in Danske eBanking.
Tailor your payments
With Mastercard Basis you can also tailor your payments to suit your needs. Do you want the amount to be charged to your account immediately, or do you prefer to defer payment for up to six weeks? You choose how you want to pay for your purchase each time you use the card.

Add insurance
You can choose to combine the card with several types of insurance such as the attractive ‘Annual Travel Insurance Europe’.