Blocking a card

If your card is missing, has been lost, stolen or forgotten, you must block it as soon as possible. You can do this either in Danske Mobile Banking or Danske eBanking. You can also call us.

  • Blocking a card in Danske Mobile Banking

    How to block a card via your iPhone or Android phone
    • Log on to Danske Mobile Banking .
    • Select Cards.
    • Tap the card you want to block.
    • Slide the toggle button for ‘Blocking of card’ to the right to activate the blocking of your card.
    • Read the message about card blocking and tap Block card
    • Your card is now blocked and the card is listed as blocked on your card overview. 

    Do you want to deactivate the blocking? After five minutes, you can easily deactivate the blocking. If the card has been lost, stolen or is damaged, you must order a replacement card.

  • Blocking a card in Danske eBanking

    Please note 
    Fee: No annual card fee is charged for a blocked card. 

    How to block a card
    • Log on to Danske eBanking
    • Select 'Card overview' under Cards and currency
    • Click the function arrow next to the card and select 'Block card'.
    • Fill in the field and click ‘OK’
    • We will then ask you to approve
    • The card is now blocked
  • Call us

    If you have lost your card or suspect unauthorised use, you must block it.
    Block your card by calling us on +45 70 20 70 20

Need help ?

You can always order a non-binding meeting with one of our advisers.

  • Book a meeting

    You can always order a non-binding meeting with one of our advisers.

  • Call us

    Main number

    +45 70 123 456
    • Contact us Feel free to contact us 24 hours a day

      On weekdays between 9pm and 9am as well as on holidays between 4pm and 10am, we answer calls mainly concerning the blocking of cards and fraud suspicion.

      You can do most things yourself via Mobile Banking and eBanking. See how.

    Technical support eBanking

    +45 70 104 610
    Monday – Thursday:  09.00 - 21.00
    Friday:  09.00 - 18.00
    Weekends and Holidays:  10.00 - 16.00
    More contact numbers.
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