Mastercard Guld

A card for everyday shopping and travel

  •  Pay for purchases now or later
  • Annual travel insurance in Europe
  • Interest-free credit for up to six weeks

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A Mastercard Guld card can be used for everyday shopping and for making larger purchases. You can use the card in most shops in Denmark – and abroad, you benefit from Mastercard being the most widely accepted card in the world.
You can apply for a Mastercard Guld card in Danske eBanking.
Travel Europe with peace of mind
If you have a Mastercard Guld card, you and your immediate family can travel all around Europe with peace of mind. The card comes with annual travel insurance that covers illness and injury while travelling.

Tailor your payments
With Mastercard Guld, you can also tailor your payments to suit your needs. Do you want the amount to be charged to your account immediately, or do you prefer to defer payment for up to six weeks at no interest charge? You choose how you want to pay for your purchase each time you use the card.

Mastercard Guld


  • Debet/kredit

    With a Mastercard Gold card, you choose whether you want to use the card as a debit card or a credit card. If you use it as a debit card, the amount is charged to your account immediately. If you use it as a credit card, you can defer payment for up to six weeks without having to pay interest.
    If you use the card for contactless payments, the card automatically functions as a debit card and the money is therefore charged to your account immediately.

    You choose each time you use the card
    Please note that you must choose whether to use the card as a credit or a debit card each time you use it – whether you shop in physical shops or online.  For online shopping, your credit card number is printed on the front of your card, while your debit card number is printed on the back of the card.
  • Interest-free credit

    You have up to six weeks of interest-free credit on your Mastercard Basis card. This means that you automatically defer payment for your purchase – at zero interest. 

    The exact interest-free period depends on when during a month you use the card. Doing your shopping right after the 20th of the month will give you the longest interest-free period. This is because we settle your purchases on the credit card for the preceding month on the 19th of each month and you pay on the 1st of each month. With a Mastercard Basis card, you generally have a minimum credit facility of DKK 10,000, but you can ask for a higher limit if you require this
  • Payment in instalments

    With the Mastercard Basis card, you can also select individual purchases on your credit card and split the payment into smaller instalments. You can split all purchases exceeding DKK 500 into 2-12 instalments at a competitive interest rate.
    This means that you do not need to worry if your washing machine breaks down at the same time as your car needs service. If you buy a new washing machine with your Mastercard Basis card, you can pay back the amount in instalments. This helps you spread the cost over several months in return for an interest payment.

    How to pay in instalments
    Simply set up the individual instalments in Danske Mobile Banking, Danske Tablet Banking or Danske eBanking. Here you can quickly see what instalments are a good fit for you and what the exact interest expense is.
  • Annual travel insurance Europe

    Mastercard Gold includes annual travel insurance in Europe for you and your immediate family (same household). The insurance covers all trips within one year up to a duration of 60 days each – even if the trip was not purchased with your Mastercard Gold card.

    The insurance covers emergency treatment, for example in the event of illness or dental injury. Repatriation in the event of illness or accident is also covered.

    Insurance provider Tryg Forsikring A/S, Klausdalsbrovej 601, DK-2750 Ballerup offers the travel insurance. Tryg Forsikring A/S is a member of the Danish Guarantee Fund for Non-Life Insurance Companies, which covers consumer insurance claims if the insurance company goes bankrupt, and has its registered office in Denmark.

    Upgrade your card in Danske eBanking
    You can also easily upgrade your card to include the attractive ‘Annual Travel Insurance Worldwide’ and other insurance at a 10% discount.
  • Additional insurance

    If you have a Mastercard Gold card, you can choose to upgrade the card to include one or more additional policies. For example, you can add ‘Annual Travel Insurance Worldwide’ and baggage and flight delay with lounge membership.

    Upgrade your card in Danske eBanking
    You can use Danske eBanking to upgrade your card to include one or more policies once you have received the card.
  • No fees on card payments in the EU

    From 1 January 2018, neither physical shops nor online shops may charge a fee when you pay with a Mastercard card or any other card. This applies throughout the EU. 
    There are exceptions, however. Fees may be charged on corporate cards and cards issued in non-EU countries. If you are liable for purchases made with your corporate card, it is regarded as a personal card and no fees are payable. 
    If you are charged a fee when using the card, you must complain to the shop and ask them to refund the amount according to the Danish Payments Act (Betalingsloven). You can also file a complaint about the shop with the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority at
  • A single pin for all your cards

    You can have the same PIN for all your Danske Bank cards. This way you have to remember only one PIN, making it easier to use cards you only use occasionally. You can order a single PIN for all your cards in Danske eBanking under ‘Cards and currency’ | ‘Card overview’.
  • Have amounts been charged to your account that you do not recognise or have not authorised? 

    You can submit a dispute if you see card transactions on your account that you do not recognise or have not authorised. 

    For example, if you have shopped online and have not received your purchase, we may well be able to help you. Before you contact us, however, you must try to work out the problem with the shop or website. If you cannot come to an agreement within 2-4 weeks after the purchase was made, you should submit a dispute immediately. 

    If you suspect that your card has been used fraudulently, block it immediately and then submit a dispute.
    Read more about how we can help and how to submit a dispute here.
  • Block and reactivate your card in Danske Mobile Banking

    If you lose your a card, you can easily block it in Danske Mobile Banking – and reactivate it if you find it again.

    How to block cards in Danske Mobile Banking

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