Upload a copy of your ID and proof of address

Like all banks, we are under obligation to document that we know who our customers are. Because of this, we request that you upload a copy (digital photo) of relevant documents, such as your ID or proof of address. You can do this easily and securely via this website. 

Please make sure that the copies are clear and shows all information clearly.

Have you been notified of missing ID?

We request that you upload a photo of a valid ID, such as your passport or driver’s licence, as proof of identity. If you do not have a passport or a driver’s licence, you can find a list of other valid forms of ID below.

See also the instruction below "Examples of proof of identity pictures". 

Please note! A selfie/photo of yourself is not a form of valid ID. 

Have you been notified about missing proof of address?

We ask for a copy of an official document with your address. For example, the document might be

  • a national ID-card with address
  • a letter from a public authority
  • a valid rental agreement
  • a bill for example electricity, water, internet and insurance


Attach files:

Upload your files below. You can upload up to 10 files at the same time, and each file can be up to 4 MB. The majority of standard digital photos can be uploaded, and we accept the following formats: Pdf, Jpeg/jpg, Png eller Gif

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Examples of proof of identity pictures

Q&A regarding the uploading of documentation

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