New customer at Danske Bank - Ukrainian refugee

To apply for an account with us, please fill out this form and upload correct proof of identity.
For a faster process, please contact your local Danish municipality before applying for an account, to order a MitID that enables you to sign documents digitally via a safe channel
If you need help along the way, you are welcome to call us on +45 45 12 39 68 (Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm and Friday from 9am to 3pm).

When we have received all the necessary information and documentation from you, we will process your application within 10 working days.

Read about proof of identity

Read about our privacy notice

*Please fill all the mandatory fields.

Step 1 - Personal and contact information

Personal information
Contact Information

Step 2 - Upload documentation

Document requirements

Entire document

High quality

In color

All letters & numbers visible

Less than 5 MB per file

Please note, to obtain the best quality copy of your documentation it is advised to take a photography with a smartphone without use of flash

Documentation of Identity



Please upload the full main page of your passport, that contains your name and picture

Residence permit

Please upload residence permit card or letter
(Both sides of the card or all pages in letter from Ministry of Integration and Immigration)

Danish health insurance card

Please upload the full main page of your health insurance card, that contains your name and address


Step 3 - Information about your stay in Denmark

Reason for staying in Denmark

Step 4 - Information about customer relationship

Under Danish anti-money-laundering law, banks, including Danske Bank, are required to know their customers’ purpose(s) for using the bank and to understand their sources of funds and wealth. Please register information about the purpose(s) for your account relationship with us and about your sources of income and wealth. We need to understand the value of your assets, including any real property and vehicles you may own, your investments and your savings. Please note that you must always inform us of any changes to your purpose(s) and source(s) of income and wealth, and that you may experience that we contact you to verify that the information we have about you is up to date.
Source of funds
Opening Balance
Monthly spending
Cash deposit
Cross-border transfers (foreign transfers)

Step 5 - Information about Tax residency - Private individuals

Danish banks are required to identify, register and report to the Danish Tax Authority whether their customers are tax residents in countries other than Denmark. A person is generally tax resident in the country in which he or she lives or spends more than 183 days over any 12-month period. If you are an American citizen or you are born in the US, you are always considered tax resident in the US. A customer can therefore be tax resident in more countries at the same time. The information is collected for tax reporting purposes.

Tax residency in Denmark
US citizenship/tax residency

Do you have US citizenship or are you tax resident in the US for other reasons (for example, because you were born in the US or hold a US work permit (Green Card))?

Tax residency in other countries

Step 6 - Product package

With this package you will get:
- Account & card (Mastercard Direct Basal)
- Possibility to transfer money outside Denmark
- Payment service for re-occurring payments
- Mobile bank and online bank: Check balances, transfer money and pay bills

* Log on to your online bank with MitID and sign the customer agreement digitally. If you need help, you can look here:

* You need to ensure that your name is on the mailbox where you live. Otherwise, PostNord is not allowed to deliver your card and PIN code in your mailbox.

* You can find our General conditions, consumers in English here: Terms

* I accept that Danske Bank's General conditions - consumers apply to my customer relationship.

  • Summary of your answers
    By submitting this form for processing at Danske Bank, I also accept that:

    · Danske Bank can contact me by mail or phone to obtain further information and/or documentation.

    · All telephone conversations with Danske Bank can be taped and that Danske Bank can use the tape recordings as evidence in disputes.

Enjoy all the benefits.
Become a Danske Bank customer.

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