Data we have about you and how we use it

At Danske Bank, we want to advise you based on your life and needs and offer you the best solutions. The better we know you, the better we can offer you the right advice and solutions at the right time, and therefore we register and use data about you. 

Looking after your personal data in the same careful way as we look after your finances is fundamental for building and maintaining a strong relationship with you, and we take all relevant measures to protect your data.

Below you can read more about

  why we register data about you
  what data we register and use
  how to get an overview of the data we have about you
  how we use the data to your benefit


More information

  • Why do we register and use personal data?

    We register and use data about you to offer you the best advice and solutions, keep your finances safe and comply with the legal requirements that apply to us as a financial institution.

    This means that we register and use personal data when

    •  you have made or are considering making an agreement with us for a service or product
    •  you have granted us consent to use your personal data for a specific purpose
    •  it is our legal duty


  • What personal data do we register and use?

    Depending on the service or product, we register and use different types of personal data. The personal data is information about you that you provide or have allowed us to register, including

      basic personal data, such as your name and contact information
      financial information, such as income and debt 
      information about your education or profession
      information about your family and household
      details about the services and products we provide to you and your preferences towards them
  • How to get an overview

    An easy way to get an overview of certain data you have shared with us is to go to the Profile section in mobile bank. In the Profile section, you will find your contact information, information you have provided about your household, income, debt and so on. You can also update the information if something has changed in your life. The data is shared with your adviser to make sure that you get the best service and advice. 

    In the Profile section, you can also view documents you have signed digitally and manage consents to the exchange and storage of data.

    Download the Danske Mobile Banking app:

    AppStore Google Play

    You can also update your information in Danske eBanking or by contacting us.
    If you want an overview of the most common data we have registered about you, you can order a simple and understandable overview of your data. You will receive the overview within few days. The overview contains different types of data for example your contact details,   information regarding accounts, cards, payment agreements, products, collaterals, consents and loan and credit facilities.

    Order overview

    If you wish to exercise your right of access under GDPR art. 15, please write your full name, phone number and if possible a clarification of the personal data you request access to

    We will respond to your request for access as soon as possible and no later than within one month of receipt of your request. In special situations and in exceptional circumstances, the period may be extended by two further months. In these situations, we will notify you of the extension of the deadline and the reason for this.

  • How to change data we have about you

    If you believe that we have data about you that is not up to date or irrelevant, you are always welcome to contact us to have it updated or deleted. Please note that legislation may require that we keep certain data for several years, also if you are no longer a customer of Danske Bank.
  • Consent

    To provide the best advice and solutions, we may ask for your consent to exchange information with third parties or to store information about you.

    For example, we may ask for you consent to obtain your annual tax return and latest payslips from SKAT to help us calculate your disposable income. We may also ask for your consent to store information about when and why you visit our online services, or to contact you by e-mail and telephone. In Danske eBanking and in the new mobile bank, you can view a list of your consents.

    We do not sell your personal data to third parties.

How data benefits you

We use your data to offer you the best advice and solutions and keep your finances safe. Below are four different examples of how we can use data to create value for you.

Financial advice

Advising you on important financial decisions is a fundamental part of being your financial adviser – and the better we know you, the better advice we can give. For example, if you are looking for a new home, we base our recommendations on information about your income, debt and daily expenses. But we also take into account your future plans – are you, for instance, planning to have children, looking for a new job or buying a car. By taking all this information into account, we can show you the possibilities and offer you advice that enables you to live the life you want, also in the future. 

Keeping your finances safe 

Protecting you from fraud is very important to us. We screen all transactions and use your data to identify any transactions that could indicate fraud. If a transaction seems suspicious because it deviates from your normal behaviour or resembles a known fraud pattern, we investigate the transaction on your behalf. If our suspicion is confirmed, we will contact you. 

Here are two examples of what a suspicious transaction or activity can look like:

  • Irregular payments to accounts you have not transferred money to before, or sudden, large payments abroad
  • Someone other than you try to access your accounts or use your credit card 

    Note that the data used for fraud prevention is never used for commercial purposes. This is a question about keeping your finances safe. If you want to know more about what you can do to protect yourself online, check our safety online website

Spending overview

The spending overview in eBanking and mobile bank is a simple example of how data can give you an overview of how you spend your money month by month, and it is a useful tool for financial decisions. Transactions are automatically categorised and presented visually. You have the opportunity to adjust the categorisation to fit your needs even better. 

Relevant communication

We use our knowledge about you to make all our communication and advice as relevant for you as possible. For example:

  • We constantly monitor the financial markets. If interest rates change in a way that makes it relevant for you as a homeowner to consider alternative ways to finance your home, we will contact you with recommendations on remortgaging opportunities or alternative loan types.
  • If data shows that your children will soon be old enough to move out, we send out invitations to free events about the possibilities in this new phase of your life. Such events could be about your opportunity to help your children purchase a home, or how other parents have benefited from their extra disposable income.

Privacy notice

 Our privacy notice describes in detail what data we register, how we use it and your rights as a customer.

Read our privacy notice

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