Top six tips for protecting you and your money

  1. Never reply to text messages, emails or phone calls that ask for your personal information. Never share personal information such as your NemID/MitID details, logins or passwords.
  2. Think before clicking on links and opening attachments. Check emails carefully – even small irregularities in an email can indicate that it is a scam. Be particularly careful with emails and text messages you get from people you do not know and from banks and other official sources. Emails and text messages from fraudsters create a sense of urgency and often have errors and unusual-looking layouts, so also be on the lookout for spelling mistakes.
  3. Always trust your instincts. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Criminals often sound professional and create a false sense of security. One example of this is in investment fraud, where fraudsters promise guaranteed returns from an investment opportunity that they claim is available only to you. Stop and give yourself some time to think. Legitimate companies will never ask you to make hasty decisions.
  4. Keep watch for unusual transactions on your accounts. Check your balance on a regular basis via Danske Mobile Banking or Danske eBanking to keep watch for any transactions that you cannot recognise.
  5. When you transfer money, ensure that all the information is correct before you proceed. When you transfer money abroad, remember to check the SWIFT/BIC address, the country and currency code, and all of the other information about the person you are transferring the money to.
  6. Be safe online with firewalls and passwords. Use different, strong and secure passwords that use a mix of alphabetic and numeric characters – and change your passwords often. Read more about cybersecurity and find useful advice about staying safe online.

If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud, please contact us immediately on +45 70 123 456. Read more here about what you should do if you suspect fraud.

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