The UK’s decision to leave the EU on 31 December 2020 affected some of the products and services we provide to you as customer at Danske Bank who are domiciled or residing in the UK. The UK legislation limits the range of products and services we are allowed to offer in the UK, and we are no longer allowed to proactively offer new products and services or to market them to you.

Are you planning to move to the UK?
If you are planning to move to the UK on a permanent basis or for a temporary period, for example to study abroad, we recommend that you contact Danske Bank before you move. Our Living Abroad team are experienced in advising customers living in the UK and will be able to help you prepare for your move. Read more about important things to consider in our check-list (only available in Danish).

Any questions?
If you have any questions about what Brexit means for your relationship with Danske Bank, or you if are moving to or from the UK, you are welcome to contact us on or +45 45 13 33 00, so that we can assist you.

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