Why are we asking for proof of identity?

At Danske Bank, we are very focused on fighting financial crime. As a customer, you will also notice this. Like all other banks in the EU, we are under an obligation to follow what are known as the Know Your Customer regulations, which require that we must be able to document who our customers are and understand how they are using our products and services.

We understand that it can feel like an inconvenience when we ask you to provide us with proof of identity, or when we contact you to update the information we have about you. But just as the security checks at an airport ensure that all travellers can enjoy a safe flight, it is both necessary and in the best interests of us all that we comply with the Know Your Customer rules and regularly update the information we have about you.

Remember to upload your ID in Mobile Banking

Have you received our message regarding uploading your ID in Mobile Banking? If so, go to Mobile Banking to upload. 



What specifically does this mean for you?

If we do not already have a copy of your proof of identity, we will contact you.

When we contact you, we will tell you what type of proof of identity we need – and how to send it to us.


We also need to know how you use our products and services.

We need to ensure that the information we have about our customers is always up to date. Consequently, we may contact you to ask you to help us update the information we have about you. Things we may ask about include:

  • Which of our products and services do you expect to use?
  • What are your expectations regarding payments made to and from your account?
  • Do you plan, for example, on making cash deposits to your account or transferring money to other countries?

What will we use the information about you for?

When we know you – and all of our other customers – we are better able to:

  • Combat money laundering, the financing of terrorism and other financial crime.
  • Assist Danish and foreign tax authorities.

Who is required to provide proof of identity?

All of our customers – both new and existing.

You may be asked to provide proof of identity in various situations, such as when you make a transaction at the cashier’s desk at one of our branches or via a message in Danske Mobile Banking or Danske eBanking.

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