New customer at Danske Bank – non-Danish citizen

To apply for an account with us, you have to complete this form and upload correct proof of identity.

Read about proof of identity

*Please fill all the mandatory fields.

Step 1 - Personal and contact information

Personal information
TIN – Tax Identification number or SSN – Social Security Number. Please use this link to find what type of document provides National Identification number
Contact Information

Step 2 - Inform about your relations

Politically exposed person

Have you been a Member of Parliament, Minister or Ambassador (politically exposed person) at any time during the past year, or are you related to (ex. family member, son, grandson, etc.) or have a business relationship with such a person in Denmark or another country?


Step 3 - Upload documentation

ID requirements (documents to be presented together with this form)

Step 4 - Information about your stay in Denmark

Type of stay
Length of stay

Step 5 - Information about customer relationship

Under Danish anti-money-laundering law, banks, including Danske Bank, are required to know their customers’ purpose(s) for using the bank and to understand their sources of funds and wealth. Please register information about the purpose(s) for your account relationship with us and about your sources of income and wealth. We need to understand the value of your assets, including any real property and vehicles you may own, your investments and your savings. Please note that you must always inform us of any changes to your purpose(s) and source(s) of income and wealth, and that you may experience that we contact you to verify that the information we have about you is up to date.
Source of funds
Cash deposit
Cross-border transfers (foreign transfers)

Step 6 - Information about Tax residency – Private individuals

Danish banks are required to identify and register whether a customer is tax resident* (that is, fully tax liable) in a country/countries other than Denmark. Please complete the section below to inform us of the country or countries in which you are tax resident and of your tax identification number (TIN). *A person is generally tax resident in the country in which he or she lives or spends more than 183 days over any 12-month period. In some countries, however, a person may be considered tax resident even if the person is stationed in another country, for example, if the person maintains a home or has his or her family in the country. A person may be tax liable in the US, for example, if he/she was born there, has US citizenship or holds a work permit (Green Card) there.

Tax residency in Denmark
US citizenship/tax residency

Do you have US citizenship or are you tax resident in the US for other reasons (for example, because you were born in the US or hold a US work permit (Green Card))?

Tax residency in other countries

Step 7 - Select product package

Annual fee: DKK 180 *
with this package you can receive funds in your account, pay bills and make withdrawals.

Package Features:
- Basic account
- Danske eBanking solution(Letbank)
- Mastercard Direct card

* If you are under 28 of age, the annual fee will be DKK 0

Annual fee: DKK 520 **
with this package you can receive funds in your account, pay bills and make withdrawals. You can also transfer funds abroad and withdraw funds at ATMs abroad.
Package Features:
- Basic payment account
- Danske eBanking solution
- Mastercard Direct - Basic card

**If you are under 28 of age, the annual fee will be DKK 400,covering the Mastercard

  • Summary of your answers
    By submitting this form for processing at Danske Bank, I also accept that:

    · Danske Bank can contact me by mail or phone to obtain further information and/or documentation.

    · All telephone conversations with Danske Bank can be taped and that Danske Bank can use the tape recordings as evidence in disputes.

    · My VISA/Dankort may be replaced by a MasterCard Direct, that any loans, credits and credit cards must be repaid and settled before I leave Denmark, and that I cannot keep my account(s) when I leave Denmark, unless specifically agreed. I have also been informed that funds must be available in my account before I use my debit/ credit cards and that non-Danish cheques issued by private individuals generally cannot be deposited in my account.