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Account for young adults and students

For young adults aged 18-27 years and students under 32 years of age

  • Salary and budget accounts
  • At least one card
  • Plain and simple advisory services
If you are aged between 18 and 27 years, or if you are under 32 and studying, you can get two accounts and one or two cards without having to pay any fees through our offer for young adults and students. You can use the accounts as a salary account for day-to-day spending and a budget account for fixed expenses, for example, and you can manage and name the accounts yourself in Danske eBanking or Danske Mobile Banking.
And of course, you can get a payment card such as Visa/Dankort or Mastercard Direct for your salary account. Note that we will always assess your financial situation to determine whether we can offer you a payment card.

Advisory Services for you

Do you need to discuss your financial situation or just support? Please contact Ung Direkte (Young Direct). Our advisers specialise in providing advisory services to young adults. They focus solely on talking to young adults like you about your finances.

Call us on + 45 45 130 100
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Questions and answers

  • Is one account enough?
    Whether you need one or more accounts depends on your needs and preferences. 
    Typically, however, it is a good idea to have at least two accounts: One day-to-day spending account and a budget account for fixed expenses. If you are saving up, a savings account is also useful.
    If you live with your boyfriend/girlfriend or friends, and you all eat together, it may also be nice to have a separate groceries account and a card for the account. This makes it easy for you to share the expenses. 
  • Salary account and savings account
    A salary account is the most common type of account – and the account which you use most often in your day-to-day life. 
    This is the account into which your salary or other regular income is paid – and the account for which your payment card is issued. Your salary account is usually also your NemKonto account. So if you do not spend all the money coming in, it is best to deposit the surplus in a savings account. Read more about savings account for young adults.
  • What is a budget account?

    A budget account is a tool to help you achieve a more stable financial situation. You pay some fixed expense items each month, and others only once or twice a year. With a budget account, you can spread out your expenses, so that you pay the same amount each month.
    Start by drawing up a budget to calculate how much you need to transfer to your budget account each month. You can then register all your fixed expenses for Betalingsservice (direct debit), so that many of your expenses are paid automatically. But you should still remember regularly to check that your budget account balances.

  • What is a NemKonto account?

    Your NemKonto account is the bank account that public authorities will use if money is to be paid to you from the public sector – for example state education grants (SU) or a tax refund. You decide yourself which account is to be used as your NemKonto account. 
    Log on to if you want to set up or change your NemKonto.



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