Crossborder payments

When you need to transfer money

  • 1. Transferring money  

    1. Transferring money  

    Do you need to transfer money to another country? Or does someone in another country need to send money to you? On this page, we offer advice on what to do in connection with cross-border payments. We also provide tips on how to make the transaction as easy and low-cost as possible.

    If you want to transfer funds to another country, you have two options:

    Use eBanking, the easiest and cheapest way of making cross-border payments
    Contact your Danske Bank branch

    Advantages of Danske eBanking:

    • You have 24/7 access to eBanking
    • Cross-border payments are cheaper if you use eBanking than if you order a transfer at your branch

    Read more and order Danske e-banking

  • 2. Outgoing payments

    2. Outgoing payments

    eBanking offers you the easiest and cheapest way of transferring money to another country. To create a cross-border transfer, simply follow these steps:

    • enter the amount
    • enter the payment date 
    • enter the SWIFT/BIC address of the foreign bank 
    • enter the account number at the foreign bank in IBAN format 
    • enter the name and address of the foreign bank

    If you do not use Danske eBanking

    If you do not have an eBanking service or do not want to use it, you can:

    Useful information 
    When transferring money to another country, you can do a number of things to make the transfer as safe and low-cost as possible:

    • Use an account-to-account transfer rather than a cheque. Account-to-account transfers are cheaper for both you and the payee
    • Order the transfer through eBanking – a cheap and easy way of making cross-border payments
    • Always make sure the BIC and IBAN are correct. IBANs are required for countries that have introduced the IBAN. Danske eBanking will alert you if an IBAN is required. Check the IBAN if you are not sure that you have the correct number
    • Always select the 'The Sender And The Payee Share The Costs' option
  • 3. Incoming payments

    3. Incoming payments

    If someone in another country is going to transfer money to you, provide the following information:

    • Danske Bank’s SWIFT/BIC: DABADKKK
    • Your IBAN. You can see your IBAN on your account statements from Danske Bank and in Danske eBanking
    • You can see the transfer in Danske eBanking immediately after the money has been deposited in your account. If you do not use eBanking, you receive advice of the transfer by post

    Useful information
    Encourage the sender to use an account-to-account transfer rather than a cheque. Account-to-account transfers are cheaper for both you and the sender.

    Foreign cheques
    If you want to cash a foreign cheque, you can do so at your branch or you can fill in a form and send the cheque to us accompanied by the form.

    Cashing of foreign cheque(s) (PDF)
    – if you want to send a cheque by post to us

    Acknowledgement of receipt of foreign cheque(s) (PDF)
    – if you want to hand the cheque in yourself

    Terms and conditions for transfers to and from Denmark – consumers (PDF)

  • 4. Extra security check

    4. Extra security check

    To avoid fraud targeted at both you and Danske Bank, we verify randomly selected cross-border transfers. This means that you may receive a text message asking you to confirm the amount and country of the payee you have entered. If we do not have your mobile phone number, or if you cannot receive text messages, we will verify the payment manually and call you if we have any questions.

    The extra security check does not affect fees, exchange rates, processing time or the like, and is carried out only to enhance security in connection with cross-border transfers.