Be Safe – Protect yourself from financial crime

Financial criminals are always on the lookout for new opportunities, so you should always remain vigilant to protect your money. Criminal activities come in many forms, and this site will guide you through what financial crime risks to be aware of to avoid becoming a victim yourself. This site also explains what our work to fight financial crime means for you as a Danske Bank customer.

Find our top six tips for protecting you and your money from financial crime

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Good advice

  • Using cards or digital payments

    Know how to protect yourself when you

    • use your card in a shop, restaurant or ATM
    • make payments and transfers
    • shop online
    • spot an unusual transaction on your card
    • receive emails, text messages and phone calls

    Find useful tips about detecting financial crime and learn how to avoid becoming a victim

    Read more on our cards and digital payments site, where you can also find tips to help you protect yourself from financial crime when you use your payment card or make digital payments and transfers. The site also explains the financial crime risks that you are exposed to when you make payments.


    Please contact us immediately on +45 70 123 456 if you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud.

  • Making investments

    Investment fraud is characterised by fraudsters promising high returns for minimum risk. To appear genuine, fake advertisements will often claim that the investment scheme is endorsed by celebrities or backed by a trusted company.

    • Think critically about investment offers that promise you a secure investment, a guaranteed high return and low risk.
    • Be wary of any offer that you are told is only available to you and is not to be shared with others.
    • Check that the investment campaign comes from a certified financial institution.
    • Read more about investment fraud in our section about fraud types.
  • Having international risks

    Stay vigilant about the international risks you are exposed to when you make cross-border money transfers and other international transactions


    • Fraudsters hide behind (multiple) international borders to mask their illegitimate activities. Investigate international investment opportunities thoroughly – and verify international transactions and online sellers before you act.
    • Read more here about how to make international transactions securely.
    • When you buy from, sell to or transfer money to somebody abroad, be aware of any embargoes and sanctions that may be in place. Read more about sanctions here.
    • When you transfer money abroad, we may need to contact you and ask you further questions. We do this to ensure that your transaction is not exposing you or Danske Bank to any international risk.

Some of the most typical kinds of fraud

How our responsibility as a bank affects you as a customer

Preventing and fighting financial crime are two essential tasks that every responsible financial institution must perform. 

That is why we at Danske Bank have both an obligation and a commitment to comply with Danish and international anti-money laundering legislation and regulations and to fight money laundering and fraud against banks and customers. 

Among other things, this means that we continuously update our knowledge of our customers and their use of our products and services, carefully monitor transactions and cooperate closely with authorities in and outside Denmark.

Watch the video on this site to learn how the measures we employ at Danske Bank to fight financial crime can have implications for you as a customer.

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