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MitID replaces NemID

From the autumn of 2021 and in the course of 2022, everyone in Denmark will get MitID as their new digital ID. MitID will eventually completely replace NemID – so everyone who today uses NemID must get MitID.

By far most NemID users will get their personal MitID via Danske eBanking or Danske Mobile Banking. NemID users who do not have access to Danske eBanking will get their MitID via Since so many people will be replacing their NemID with MitID, we cannot all do it at the same time. So you will receive notification when it is your turn – read more about this below.

During the transition period, you will still need your NemID for certain things. So it is important that you keep your NemID even after you have received your MitID.

Important! Should you be contacted by phone, email or text message in connection with the MitID launch, never disclose personal data. Know that we will never ask you to provide your personal data or passwords/codes.

Have you received a letter asking you to update your proof of identity?

Over the years, NemIDs have been issued in various ways, and not all registrations for NemID meet the requirements that apply to MitID. For this reason, some customers need to update their proof of identity for NemID in order to prove their identity before they can get their personal MitID.

If you have received a letter from the Danish Agency for Digitisation asking you to update your proof of identity via the NemID code app, please follow the instructions in the letter.

You need a valid passport with chip (issued after 1 January 2012) and a smartphone capable of scanning the chip. Most Android phones and iPhone models 7 and later have this capability.

If you do not have a valid passport or a smartphone that can scan, the Danish Agency for Digitisation will later inform you how to get your MitID.

You can read more about the updating of proof of identity and find help at

Why do we need MitID?

Digital solutions are renewed or replaced over time, because of security requirements and new technology, which is why NemID will be replaced by MitID. MitID meets the newest requirements for security – so that we also the in future can safely use our digital ID online.

MitID is first and foremost an app in which you simply swipe to approve transactions; you may be familiar with this from the NemID code app. If the app is not an option for you, you can choose a MitID code display or a MitID audio code reader. You can read more about this at

MitID is a collaboration between the public authorities and the banks in Denmark. This means that it is easy for you to use MitID, whether you want to log on to Danske eBanking or at the website or shop online.

How and when do you get your MitID?

If you have NemID and an eBanking agreement, you will get your MitID via Danske eBanking or Danske Mobile Banking. You will be notified when it is your turn, and the notification will be clearly displayed when you log on. You then have 30 days to get your MitID.

It may be some time before you hear from us, however, since so many people are getting MitID, you may have to wait until 2022. Until then, you can continue to use your NemID as usual.

If you would like to get MitID right away, you can do so now by tapping ‘Getting started with MitID’ under ‘Menu" in Danske Mobile Banking.

If you do not have Danske eBanking or Danske Mobile Banking, go to to get your MitID.

Have you been notified that it is your turn to get your MitID?

You will receive a notification in Danske eBanking or Danske Mobile Banking when it is your turn to get MitID. The notification will be clearly displayed when you log on, and you will then have 30 days to get MitID.

To get your personal MitID, you must
• choose whether you want the MitID app, the MitID code display or the MitID audio code reader
• create your user ID
• activate MitID

There is information about what to do in Danske eBanking and Mobile Banking, and you can also find help for each step in this guide.

If questions arise during process, please do not hesitate to call us on 70 105 501.

Keep your MitID safe

5 things you need to remember to keep your personal MitID safe:
1. Do not show your codes to others.

2. Do not ever share your MitID app*, MitID code display or MitID audio code reader with others.

3. Do not share your user ID with others – with the exception of MitID support or Danske Bank, if you have initiated the contact.

4. Do not ever approve a transaction using MitID based on a phone call, an email or a visit from someone pretending to be from your bank, from a support service or something else. You will never be contacted in that way.

5. Always check what you are about to approve using your MitID. If the text does not correspond with your intentions, or if you have not initiated the transaction yourself, do not approve.

*The app can be shared with others in your household as long as you each have your own user IDs and PINs.


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