Do you suspect unauthorised use of your card, or have you received a text message about unauthorised use of your card details?
Unauthorised use of a card
  • In case of unauthorised use of your card, you must block it as soon as possible. Use your Danske eBanking solution or Danske Mobile Banking or call us on tel. +45 70 20 70 20. 
  • If there are entries on your account that you cannot recognise or accept, please submit a dispute.
  • If you have made a purchase from the merchant in question, you must initially contact the merchant.

Read more about how to submit a dispute

Text message from Danske Bank about unauthorised use of card details 
In some cases, Danske Bank may need to send you a text message in connection with the use of your Visa/Dankort or Mastercard. In the text message, you will be asked to call a specific telephone number.