Do you suspect unauthorised use of your card, or have you received a text message about unauthorised use of your card details?
Text message from Danske Bank about unauthorised use of card details
You may receive a text message if we suspect unauthorised use of your card details by others, and we need to inform you that we are blocking the card. The text message will tell you what to do.

In some cases, you must call us on +45 55 85 02 92, and, in other cases, you must re-order your card yourself or unblock it in Danske eBanking or Danske Mobile Banking.

  • If there has been unauthorised use of your card and you need to reorder it, you can see below how to do this in Danske eBanking and Danske Mobile Banking.. 
  • If your card has not been subject to unauthorised use and you can unblock it yourself, you can follow the ‘Unblocking a card’ instructions below.

Unauthorised use of a card

  • In case of unauthorised use of your card, you must block it as soon as possible. Use your Danske eBanking solution or Danske Mobile Banking or call us on tel. +45 70 20 70 20.
  • If there are entries on your account that you cannot recognise or accept, please submit a dispute.
  • If you have made a purchase from the merchant in question, you must initially contact the merchant.

Read more about how to submit a dispute