Unblocking a card

If you have blocked your card yourself, you can unblock it in Danske Mobile Banking or Danske eBanking. If this is not possible, you must order a new card.                           

  • Unblocking of card in Danske Mobile Banking

    How to unblock a card via your iPhone or Android phone
    • Log on to Danske Mobile Banking with your service code from Danske eBanking.
    • Select Cards.
    • Tap the card you want to unblock (the status of the card is ‘Blocked’)
    • Slide the toggle button to the left to unblock and reactivate the card.
    • Read the message about unblocking and tap ‘Unblock’.
    • Your card has now been reactivated and is listed as ‘Active’ on your card overview.

    When you unblock a card, it will take 10 minutes before you can use it. A minimum of 5 minutes must pass from when the card was blocked until you can unblock it. To be able to block, unblock and reorder a card in Danske Mobile Banking, your Danske Mobile Banking app must have been updated to the latest version. The function is not yet available on Apple Watch and Windows Phone.

  • Unblocking of card in Danske eBanking

    How to unblock a card:
    • Log on to Danske eBanking.
    • Click the function arrow next to the card and select Unblock.
    • Fill in the fields and click ‘OK’.
    • Enter your password and click Approve.
    • You have now unblocked your card.

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