Delete a Betalingsservice agreement

When you delete a Betalingsservice agreement, the bill will not be paid automatically in future.

You must therefore pay the bill in another way if the payee is to continue receiving money from you.

Deadlines: You can delete a Betalingsservice agreement until the previous business day at 4 pm. If you delete it later, the payment will be processed and the agreement will then be deleted so that the bill will not be paid in future.


  • Delete a Betalingsservice agreement - Danske eBanking

    Follow these steps:

    • Log on to Danske eBanking
    • Tap 'Pay & transfer' on the top menu and choose 'View and create regular transfers'
    • Select the tab sheet 'Betalingsservice'
    • Select a account in the dropdown list 'From account'
    • Select the agreement you want to delete
    • Tap 'Delete'
    • Next you will be asked to approve with your MitID

    Your Betalingsservice agreement has now been deleted.


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