Paying a payment form

The payment form is used to pay bills – you can do this via Danske Mobile Bank and and Danske eBanking.

A payment form is the same as a giro payment form. The cost of paying a payment form differs depending on the selected payment method.

  • Pay a bill - Danske Mobile Banking

    How to pay a bill in Danske Mobile Banking

    • Log on to Danske Mobile Banking
    • Select 'Transfer' on the bottom menu
    • Tap 'Pay bill'
    • Select the account from which the bill should be paid
    • Scan or enter the information on the payment form
    • Enter the amount and date, and register your bill for Betalingsservice (direct debit), if relevant, and tap 'OK'. Check that everything is correct
    • Enter your service code and tap 'Authorise'
    • When you get a receipt, your payment has been executed

  • Pay a bill - Danske eBanking

    How to pay a bill in Danske eBanking

    • Log on to Danske eBanking
    • Click 'Pay & transfer' on the top menu and select 'Pay indbetalingskort'
    • Fill in the fields and click 'Authorise payment now'
    • Click 'OK'
    • An Authorise window opens
    • We will then ask you to approve
    • The payment has now been executed, and the bill has been paid

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