Keep it safe:

Protect your business against IT fraud

You can increase your IT security with a few simple steps. Find tips and help on these pages.

IT fraud is a growing threat to both small and large businesses. And this may have serious consequences for those affected.

As a bank, we not only have a responsibility for ensuring that your banking transactions with us are well protected. We also gladly accept a share of responsibility for helping your business best prepare against IT fraud.

On these pages, you can read more about IT fraud and security tools, and you can find advice on simple everyday routines and procedures that can make a big difference.

Tips for employees

  • 1. Four important guidelines to follow at home and at work

    • Always keep your programs and apps updated.
    • Use secure passwords.
    • Do not click suspicious links or attachments.
    • Keep your personal information to yourself.
  • 2. Get familiar with your business's IT security policy

    Check your business’s security policy on procedures, precautions, etc. for help and guidance.

  • 3. Watch out for fraudulent e-mails and text messages, and always check the sender’s identity before you transfer money or send confidential information

    • Be particularly cautious if you receive an e-mail or a text message from a superior asking you to transfer money.
    • Pay attention to e-mails and text messages from banks or other official senders.
    • Be extra careful during holiday seasons or when the management of your business is away.
  • 4. Watch out for fraudulent invoices

    • Check your business procedures if you are in the slightest doubt.

Tips for managers

  • 1. Always be aware of the most common IT attacks

    • Invoice scams.
    • Fraudulent e-mails or text messages from the management and other key staff members of your business.
    • Viruses and malware.
  • 2. Stay updated on how to strengthen your business’s IT security

    • Keep your IT security policy updated and make sure that all employees are familiar with it.
    • Maintain a high level of security for payments and transactions – even if it means spending additional time.
    • Reduce the number of employees who are authorised to handle transactions in your business.
    • If you have Business Online, check out the setup options.
  • 3. Remember that the right settings make a difference

    Make it clear to all employees that IT security takes priority and that everybody is responsible for fighting cybercrime.

Do not do anything online
that you would not do in real life

You should behave online much as you do in the real world. So keep your cards close to your chest and think twice about sharing your personal information.




Have you been a victim of IT fraud?

If an unauthorised person has obtained your account or card details, call us immediately on tel. 

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  • Responsible Disclosure

    Responsible Disclosure

    The safety of our customers' information and assets is our top priority. Despite this, there may be instances, where security issues exist in our systems. Therefore, we encourage anyone, who have discovered a vulnerability in our systems to act instantly and help us improve and strengthen the safety of our sites and systems.

    Here are a few examples of vulnerabilities that you are welcome to report:

    • Remote code execution
    • Cross site scripting
    • Cross site request forgery
    • SQL injection
    • Encryption vulnerabilities
    • Authentication bypass / unauthorised data access

    When you contact us, please include the product, where you found the issue and as many details as possible to help us identify the exact area of the issue.

    We will investigate all reported potential vulnerabilities and inform you directly about the progress of the investigation. If you wish to report the issue anonymously, please state this in your communication, and we will not contact you or retain your personal information.

    How to report a vulnerability

    If you detect a security issue with any of our products, please let us know by mailing us at

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